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Namron Soar Welcomes You to a Free Online University    
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The Fractal at left is aptly named "Working Together" and You are invited to see the large copy and save it if you wish. Everything here is free and may be used in any way you see fit. It’s all Public Domain and that includes all of our original discoveries on the Buttons below.

The Laws of Reality     The Science of The Entity     Non-Real Entitic Science     Science of the Sphere     

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Welcome to the Real World ~ and ~ Yes, there really are ’Laws of Reality’    

Here at INTS we just keep saying the same things over and over because ’New Ground’ in   Non-theory   is very hard to find. Once You understand the Laws of Reality, you will have a whole new grasp on the Life Experience but may be torn between this way and the old ’Materialism’ that you have been taught all your life. You may be shocked to discover that there is no way of   describing what is beneath your feet   or.. that you are in a globe   not on one ,  never sleep   because you can’t ,  and as the Yogi’s say, "We are all one with the universe."

We address the war on intellectual property with the underground response that shuns the greedy corporate systems and provides all for free, the way it oughta’ be. Management Corporations try to control the web so they can overcharge the public for the albums and artworks they have already stolen from the Artists. These Artists can cry out but are never heard. Here we have no affiliation with Business, Church or State, operate on Zero Budget and don’t need one. As long as we have a web connection there will be free stuff and We will serve humanity and strive for better Sister/Brotherhood as well as improved Stewerdship of this Earth. That is the purpose of INTS.

We teach Figmentalism/Idealism/Enlightenment which are all Essentially the Same    

This University in unlike any other. No other will answer the old Chestnuts; Where did we come from? Who are we? What are we doing here? Where are we going? and What happens after we die? Plus.. we aren’t guessing and can easily prove what is said within the constraints of Non-Theoretical Science. I’ll bet your old University didn’t even know there was such a thing as Absolutes. We call it Figmentalism but it’s actually the old Philosophic Idealism touted by many, but written in an understandable language. Figmentalism (Fig) is also in complete agreement with all of the old Belief Systems such as Buddhism, Shinto and Hinduism, which are not taught or understood, in modern times either in Europe or America. These ancient systems and even the Maya agree that we are not made of anything that can deteriorate, such as theoretical matter, so we don’t really have the ability to die, contrary to what is commonly taught. We have the ability to experience our aging and death, but in reality we just forget each previous life, something like sleeping, when we forget a few hours, have a dream and then awake refreshed.

INTS has discovered, recently that even the four modern religions have references to Enlightenment in uncanonized books that are not included as scripture.

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New INTS Book by Namron Soar explaining How The Human Brain Actually Works    
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This is the second book in the Omen Owen Series and keeps out of the Political arena this time. Re-presented in this book is the comparison between Figmentalism/Idealism/Enlightenment, Plus, The Laws of Reality, Entitic Science, Nonreal Entitic Science and the new kid on the block; The Practical Laws of the Sphere.

To Read Brainworks    Click Here    for the Book Index and you can scroll down to find something that might interest you, like the topics mentioned above. Chapters Six and Eleven are even slightly funny. (No Chapters in ’Voice’ yet)

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