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INTS   ID 195   Aug 28, 2007

§  ....INTS welcomes you to join us in the quest to spruce up our untidy planet.

§  ....Established: Sept 12, 2006

§  ....Dedication: This University is dedicated to both Ruby’s, Norm and Gabriel

§  ....Constitution:  We Pledge

§  ....Credo:  Nine Thats/ Credo/ Prayer         Or fancy Fractal Copy

§  ....Curriculum:  Articles by Namron Soar

§  ....Purpose: To redefine present planetary stewardship practices and engender tolerance and care for all.

Many factors created the need for this institute. Primarily an academic atmosphere was required to collect and display findings of research done into the causes and cures for global degradation due to pollutants. In this framework the problems can be examined and organized into a very readable fashion. You are invited to contribute your views and they will be duly considered and posted in the appropriate area.

Also a forum was needed for the work that has developed from the long-term study of ‘Idealism verses Realism’, an historic dialog that has found it’s conclusion here with the ‘Laws of Reality’. The Institute of Non-Theoretical Science espouses the philosophy that consideration of many topics can benefit from the disuse of theory, theology and partisanship. This is a Free University that does not know the bounds and constraints that fetter establishment facilities.

With no enrolment fees, no deadlines and no taboo’s this little corner of cyberspace is open for your use. The offerings here are free to republish but remain Copyrighted property of the authors and are registered as such under Canadian Law by the virtue of their dated appearance.

Namron Soar