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Chapter One    Voice
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‘OMEN-OWEN a moderate way’ opens with a discussion of what Memory really is and shows that 
Mainstream Science is way off base
Chapter Two    Voice

~ Thoughts on Thought ~

Chapter Two discusses `Thought’ and agrees only with certain Philosophical perspectives 
as well as many ancient belief systems
Your education probably did not even mention this and you may have only heard of it as
a `Saturday Night Live’ comedy routine
Chapter Three    Voice

~ The Explanation of Everything ~

Well this chapter starts out in the way of it’s title and 
then suddenly takes a huge left turn when the author discovers the social event of the century.. 
namely `Conspiracy Vids’
Chapter Four    Voice

~ Everything becomes Clearer ~

Have you ever read `The Laws of Reality’?      Did you even know that there were such laws?
Where you taught in school that there are no absolute truths?
It took 40 some odd years to find these things out.. Now you can learn them in 10 minutes
Chapter Five    Voice

~ The Science of the Entity ~

After the colloquial expressions known as `The Laws of Reality’
Comes these expressions known as `Entitic Science’
You are part of the entity known as Reality, as are we all, as is all
Chapter Six    Voice

~ The Thought of Non ~

Mind benders and tongue twisters
These colloquial expression can easily be disputed but point out an important consideration about Reality
They are called `NES’ or `Non-Entitic Science’
Chapter Seven    Voice

~ Figmentalism and the Web ~

If you have ever heard of `Rufus’ you would probably keep it a secret but millions have.. 
....and I don’t mean the singer
He escaped the underground in about 2000 and began to create `Figmentalism’
Chapter Eight    Voice

~ The future of Consciousness ~

Acid is a good thing
It’s a teacher
Don’t let anyone tell you that you have no right to learn with, or experience drugs
Chapter Nine    Voice Part One    Voice Part Two

~ A Message from God ~

If you believe in a male God that created a male offspring or some male prophet..
Then you have been duped by so called `Scriptures’ written no doubt, by some insecure male human
You are the only God there is, We created she/he/it in our own stupid male image..
Ancient teachings tell us this
Chapter Ten    Voice

~ The Real Shock and Awe ~

Quote Joe Citizen "Well why should they hog all the oil,
I can’t help it if the Government can’t get along with them foreigners and bombs the hell out of em’, 
at least we’re doing fine." Quote Joe’s wife "So you’re OK with all the children and innocents that 
get killed and maimed? Quote Joe Citizen "Well no, but what can I do about it?"
Nothing Joe, absolutely nothing!
Chapter Eleven    Voice

~ The Wisdom of the Ages ~

This is one of my favorite fractals and another chapter that 
advocates choice when it comes to drugs. If you happen to feel that someone else ought to be deciding 
what you do with your time and what your habits should be then give your head a shake.
I’m not advocating that you take anything at all, I’m only suggesting that it really isn’t anybody’s 
business but your own.
Chapter Twelve    Voice

~ Why we are What we are ~

Another chapter that poses more questions than answers.
Are we really collectively as foul as we seem?
Will humans ever grow up and become humane?
How did we wind up with two arms, legs, eyes and not two asses?
Chapter Thirteen    Voice
The Americans and many other countries of the world are pulling off stunts like this. 
Believe it or not, fine upstanding men like Colin Powell are paid to `spin’ the truth 
till it comes out more like BS, well actually pure BS!
Those we are taught to hate via our media `whores’ and the likes of Colin are the real defenders 
of good old `Democracy’
I’m talking about Venezuela’s President and my hero, Hugo Chavez
Chapter Fourteen    Voice

~ The Terrorists       ...are in the Whitehouse ~

Another chapter where I hack away at the establishment and beat 911 to death
Should those responsible be charged..   Do you think????
Plus an added bit of negative thinking called `Armageddon’
Chapter Fifteen    Voice

~ Oil Futures and the Future of Integrity ~

My colleague Kurt is introduced in this the study of oil and it’s modern day ramifications
His skepticism counters my naiveté
Chapter Sixteen    Voice

~ Cruder and Cruder ~

Conspiracy vids have finally taken their toll in this 
chapter as an attempt is made to prove that `Peak Oil’ has occurred
At least I admit that the jury is still out on this one
But some important observations are made
Chapter Seventeen    Voice

~ Drugs and the Big Picture ~

As Canadian we live right under the big wing of good ol’ USA and we are a lot like the Americans
They branded me a criminal when I was in my 20’s and I didn’t even have to go across the border
The gutless Canadian government always does stuff like that
Chapter Eighteen    Voice

~ Why Do we Fight? ~

In this modern day of mass communication worldwide there seems little reason to go to war
Unless of course these conflicts are manufactured by the very bankers and investors that finance 
both sides of the conflict
Chapter Nineteen    Voice

~ After the Break ~

Two months have passed from the date of the last chapter
A near collapse of this project was saved by the mere fact that the chapters were simply dated
The purpose and uniqueness of the book is discussed frankly 
Chapter Twenty    Voice

~ The real story of Auschwitz-Birkenau ~

Many people believe the Germans and others were vilified unduly during the WW2
This could well be much closer to the truth 
No hatred of any nationality is portrayed in this piece
Chapter Twenty One    Voice

~ The Pipeline and Osmosis ~

Two concept that you might have experienced first hand
These are old ideas or rather ways of explaining our connection to one another
Did you ever hear an expression one day and thought it was the first time said 
Only to find it in common use the very next day
Chapter Twenty Two    Voice

~ Enter the Mainstream ~

This picture is just a fractal like all the rest although it may look like porn.. don’t panic.. it isn’t
Can you imagine my shock when TV Ontario airs my very rave about 9-11
And they fully support those that say "It’s an inside job"
And 85% of the public polled agrees
Chapter Twenty Three    Voice

~ The Trouble with America ~

As of today the news is that the new President Barack Obama 
is considering some way of coping with about 4 TRILLION in bad paper (debt)
by leverageing about 400 billion 
Isn’t this exactly how we got into this mess?
Chapter Twenty Four    Voice

~ Key to the Universe ~

This is the conclusion and it ends abruptly
Everything that needs to be said has been said at least twice
You must read between the lines to find `a moderate way’

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