The 350cc Mac owned by the author was a treat to drive, own, take apart and look at but the best part was being able 
to go that fast on a mid sized bike. It was good for gravel, as a matter of fact, too good. The result of discovering that 
the bike could carve a path on a soft gravel road at at high velocity, just like it’s name was a trip for this novice into 
the boonies and a busted femur, to boot. The 500 single that followed it was not the animal per cc that the Mac was but it 
still had the race bred crankcases about 3.5 inches wide and really stroky. The Amal Carbs on both machines leaked and burnt 
the pipes as you can see in many of the pictures. Lower in the gallery you will find a few Matchbox pix which became 
Ajs-Matchless and then Matchless-Norton after that, but Norton eventually absorbed the other two. 
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