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page due to the opening of Figmantalism.Com where One and a half talking books are available.

Ancient Philosophers, like Aristotle and Plato have discussed the aspects of Realism versus Idealism in order to uncover some clue to our existence. Many others beside Einstein and Steven Hocking have tackled the same problem but from a different perspective. Vue  all the articles or go directly to:

"Intro to Figmentalism" plus a variety of associated topics and includes the first-ever disclosure of The Laws of Reality" or Figmentalism in it’s Latest form Introduction to Anti-Theory

The Institute of Non-Theoretical Science presents Figmentalism.Com

These articles are a daring explorations of Life, Philosophy, Economics, Environment including the all new ’Laws of Reality’ Tablets .

If you like reading then this is the place for you. A whole new perspective is revealed on the way we relate to existance and our planet.

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