All Articles have a Plain Background for Print Page that removes the busy colorful style and can be used for easy reading too, if you find the fractal background too distracting. This allows us to make the backgrounds as colorful and interesting as we wish and still not offend anyone.

If you do wish to print the copy then just highlight it and leave the unwanted parts out, such as the banner and links blocks.

You can also highlight the print and transfer it to your text program to change it into any text style that you desire and possibly edit too. For those that arrived here from the Namrosoar Index page this will take you back

For those of you that are learning Html this might seem like a lot of trouble but actually it is quite easy. You simply write the colorful page and then save it but leave it in the editor. You make the changes that are necessary such as:

  • 1 ~Change the title to Yourpage Plain or Print

  • 2 ~Change the Body Background tag to <Body> with no link

  • 3 ~Change the css to a print copy

  • 4 ~Use Extended replace to change the class tags

  • 5 ~And lastly save with a new file name such as Yourpage-plain

Apart from the obvious pleasure of being as artistic as you want and not being concerned about the readability of your page (Some of my pages like this one are only marginally readable) but who cares!

There are some distinct advantages to having a print and color copy of each page:

  • 1 ~If you damage a copy while you are writing and this can happen, you have a backup

  • 2 ~If you were forced to write all your pages in white background you would have a boring site

  • 3 ~If you use even the lightest background such as light yellow you will still cause printing problems because the copy must be saved to text or yellow ink is wasted

  • 4 ~You give the viewer the possibility of being able to print a very beautiful page

  • 5 ~The darker colors of background give your eyes a rest from the harsh bright tones and in some cases, such as this page are very pleasant to read

More information is available using the buttons above to further explain anything written here.

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