Welcome to the new improved Motorcycle Gallery that will soon feature complete in-house custom paint jobs 
and now offers training in Custom Body Design and Detailing.
 *** All Motorcycle Galleries *** beginning with 6 featuring 750cc Kawi Ninja Project Bike ***
GSX Before Pix  Vintage Kawi Repair  Ninja Reassembly  Paint and Fiberglass  Accessories and Other Kawi’s  Kawi History  
2 Honda Project Bikes  Ariel  Vincent  Royal Enfield  Velocette  Norton  Hog (H.D.)  Custom and Show  Miscellaneous
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   Vintage Ninja Custom Build
    Detailed Customizing Tips including Fancy Paint and In-garage repairs.

    Learn how to Restyle to a more Modern Look and total Howto on Fiberglass.

    A wide variety of Kawasaki and Ninja pages are available, Each with over 100 pictures showing the development of the 750cc project bike from arrival to paint. One Two Three Four And an ’Other Kawi’s and Accessories Page Here Plus a history and tech page Here. This is the famous ’Backyard’ Showbike Style that Canadians are known for. Low Bucks~Lotsa Work~No Takeout.

   One Superbike custom build plus One Monster Offroad
    Kurt and Jason feature their Honda project bikes on this page.

    More backyard Canadiana styling plus a variety of other Hondas.

   The Ariel Square Four
    Actually the Ariel Square 4 was two 500cc engines geared together in one crankcase. One of the most successful 4’s of the day.

    This Gallery also has a lot of really old bike pix of various makes..

   Full Custom and other Oddball Bikes
    We are still looking for more Wild Show Bikes for this Gallery.

    See what the best flame jobs look like Here.

   Harley Davidson and Custom Hog
    HOG stand for Heavy Old Gas Guzzler ~ Harley Owner God ~ Well You Decide??

    You will find the Indian’s in here temporarily too.

   Miscellaneous Bike Brands
    Laverda, Moto Guzzi, Aprilla, Ducati, Bimota and others that don’t have enough pix for their own gallery.

    Most of these bikes are fairly new but the galleries below contain a variety of really old iron of a misc nature.

   English Norton 850cc
    Featuring the Commando, an 850cc verticle twin that would do 120mph right out of the box, that’s in 1950!.

    Also contains NSU, Bultaco and Villers plus the Norton Manx and others.

   Royal Enfield, Triumph, BSA
    One of the sweetest engine designs ever and they are being built again, today.

    Triumph and BSA are also included in this gallery but will have their own when the next update rolls around.

   Velocette, AJS, Matchless
    Many of these fine Bikes made it to Canada and Thunder Bay and I had Two of them, Wish I still did!.

    As usual AJS and Matchless share this Gallery for now.

   Vincent Black Shadow, AJS Brough, Rudge, Peugeot
    Easily My all-time fav iron horse, 1000cc English V-twin that would do 150mph off the showroom floor.

    No shit.. I have a copy of the 1948 poster to prove it, included in this gallery. Some say the movie ’The worlds fastest Indian’ was actually about this bike.

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