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In the countries that have
They have it all
Thirty Nine flavors of Oats
Two hundred flavors of Yogurt
and a Thousand acres of Refuse

We have come a long way from the day that a strawberry 
was a strawberry. Now it’s a super genetic sour giant that is so
overgrown that it’s hollow inside. 
Are we loosing the Real ones?

We have done so well in this area that it’s a real shame to have to point out only the failings.

This topic will be divided into two sections that will occasionally overlap. Production of goods will touch on the methods used along with the moral issues involved and distribution will concentrate on the machines used as well as the necessity to actually transport these things.

A black soft drink that rhymes with joke or jetski is very popular and it’s production is a well known trade secret that could easily be duplicated anywhere on the planet with a minimum of fuss. It makes the shareholders rich, using semi-poisonous aluminum containers, manufacturing only in specific locals, transporting thousands of miles in heavily polluting diesel trucks and not taking responsibility for the mess it causes with it’s containers, boxes and pallets. The pallet issue might be considered tiny since they are reused several times until they deteriorate but when taken as a whole, thousands of trees are sacrificed uselessly for this juvenile and largely poisonous drink. As humans we need a bit of poison now and then and we enjoy a "joke" occasionally but it’s no secret that the continual use of this product on a daily basis is no health food, rots your teeth, is a poor substitute for water or tea and contains too much sugar to be safe for regular human consumption.

It is also shipped as a syrup to bars and festivals in stainless steel containers where the extra water and carbon dioxide is added from a local sourced pressure container (where available). When added to an alcoholic beverage the foul taste is somewhat tempered and the copious sugar content appeases human craving. Not all consider this type of "joke" to be unpleasant tasting, but generic, bulk quantity "jokes" are universally less desirable than the old glass bottled version. This gives "Joke" and "Jetski" a superior advantage over locally manufactured fake "jetskis" which are nothing more than fake "jokes".This is the whole system of illogical human preference that keep business’s like "Joke" alive and profitable. Is keeping the secret of eleven herbs and spices in "kenfucky tried shitkickin" really worth all the environmental damage it causes delivering these proprietary good all that distance?

End of Session One

Question: Please answer the last one posed in the session.