The Square Four suffered a bit from rear engine overheating if you idled too much. Apart 
from the undercarburation and the difficulty of pulling the four hole square head it was an absolute dream to drive. Two 
500cc engines were geared together in a single case so there was no torque loss and the bike always tried to squirt out 
from underneath you even in a roll-on, because there was no twist like you get from one crank. Worse than that it didn’t 
get traction in the rear very often and the front tire lasted forever because it was never on the ground. I had chosen 
English bikes because all models were available in hicktown Canada and the other option, Harley, came up short ballwise 
in them days. I could race my buddy’s 61 Hog to the corner and stop when I got there, turn around and go back to see how 
he was doing.. well OK that’s an exaggeration but I usta’ wait till he was on the throttle, pull ahead, let him pass and 
then pass him again making a full circle around just to rub it in. Cars in those days couldn’t touch the square even if 
it didn’t have a carb. It’s too bad they don’t make them anymore because with glass packs it had the sweetest sound.
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