This is the Board of Directors of INTS

January 1, 2008 - Voluntary, with no binding contract

Namron Soar (Rufus) (Ross Norman Robert Owen) - Founder and CEO

Darren Ellis Forester - Computer and Technical Expert

Shaun B M W Gibson - Mechanical Engineer

Michael Robert Kennealy - Electro Mechanical Test Expert

Jamie Maxine Francis McAdam - Cultural Attaché

Daniel Donald James Ross Owen-Borthwick - Technical and Historical Advisor

Melissa Lloy Owen LLB - Legal Council and Feminism Advisor

Tara Jae Owen - Arts, Crafts and Humanities Advisor

Jason Lawrrence Petri - Remote Robotics Expert

William Paul Stern - Mechanical and Technical Expert

A Sampling of typical Board Duties is included Here

Established Sept 12, 2006
  Dedication: This University is dedicated to both Ruby’s, Norm and Gabriel.    Our Kidsafe Statement

  Purpose: To redefine present planetary stewardship practices and engender tolerance and care for all.

    Constitution: Without charter, without precedent and few staff but not without purpose.  Constitution

  Non-Theoretical and Non-Theological discussion and study   Our Ecumenical Practice  and  Our Non-Theoretical Practice

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