Have You ever read the Laws of Reality? No other source can claim this finding. These are a result of figmentalist thinking that lead to non-theory and later anti-theory and subsequently were engraved and cast as tablets. Also interesting is there is no way of refuting these statements save semantics.

Probably the laws of reality cannot actually be written but these twelve colloquial expressions can put them in human communication terms.

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*************** The Laws of Reality ***************

~Sixth Draft~ July 29 2007 revision    Discussion and Notes   "Voice"

All beings, creatures and things are part of a single entity.

All of reality including time is utterly elastic.

All of reality is collectively generated by all beings and the living mass of nature.

Reality is a globe we are within, not upon.

Every thing and every creature has the innate ability to react with the universal.

Time is a concept and can have no beginning nor end.

The universe is composed of solid, liquid and gaseous objects that have no intrinsic constituent of matter.

Existence must have a balance with non-existence.

Every thing and every creature must exist and not exist simultaneously.

Any event or combination of events must be possible without the need of matter of any kind.

The mind appreciates the Earth and is the Earth.

The Cosmos are created of apparency.

*************** Entitic Science ***************

~Third Draft~ Jan 20 2007    Discussion   "Voice"

All beings, creatures and things are part of a single entity.

The entity has neither motion nor location.

The entity has no size.

The entity is the sphere in which we exist.

The entity is divided among all and all things.

The entity does not know how or why it became.

The entity appreciates gender, is neither, but both.

The entity appreciated deity but claims none.

Two separate entities cannot exist and have knowledge of each other yet two exist within the entity as polar reaches of all consideration.

We are the result of the entities desire for companionship.

The entity has no single beginning, yet re-begins periodically.

*************** Unreality or Nonreality ***************

~Second Draft~ Jan 04 2007    Discussion   "Voice"

Unreality is the lack of existence of the lack of existence.

Even the recognition of nonreality would cause existence.

If anything is possible, everything would result.

The impossibility factor of nonreality would have to be absolute, therefore as equally impossible as reality.

Nonreality could not exist, it is only a theoretical state proposed by the entity to explain it’s existence.

The conditions required for reality would always exist, therefore no beginning.

Namron Soar

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