After tracing INTS hits it seems that this ’Feature’ page is the most popular of all so I guess it’s time I updated it. Anything that is newly developed is found here with the most recent being listed first and the original features moved down the list to the bottom.

The top two are books that are in the process of being written and finally made public here for free. I arrived at this conclusion because ’A Moderate Way’ is obviously anti-money and intended to be used as a text book within our school system. ’The Last Acronym’ is purely fiction and I just wrote it for fun but it too, could be considered a teaching tool. The other galleries represented here introduce new features such as our ’Woman’s Page’ and the ’Economy Page’. With regard to the books you are invited to copy them to your site and distribute them as you see fit, they are public domain as is all the written work within the Institute. We are looking for a proof reader to volunteer their time and any advice is welcome, as well.

Added lastly is a page linking to all the conspiracy torrents, movies etc. with a brief description of each and the most likely way of finding it. They all go to prove the same old, same old, that the world is run by money, the accountants are in charge and they have all sold their Mothers into slavery and like Bush are child killers that need to be brought to justice.

    Read or Listen to the Featured Article by Melanie   ’Imagine’.

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   Don’t Worry Be Happy
    Read or Listen to another Featured Article by Melanie   ’Don’t Worry Be Happy’.

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   All Answers
    Read or Listen to the Featured Article by Rufus   ’All Answers’.

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These are a list of the latest features added to Namronsoar.Com and

Froggy’s Joke Page has been moved to RR and renamed  Rufe’s Favorite Jokes  Warning! Not a Kidsafe Gallery

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