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  Dedication: This University is dedicated to both Ruby’s, Norm and Gabriel.    Our Kidsafe Statement

  Purpose: To redefine present planetary stewardship practices and engender tolerance and care for all.

    Constitution: Without charter, without precedent and few staff but not without purpose.  Constitution  "V"

  Non-Theoretical and Non-Theological discussion and study   Our Ecumenical Practice  "V"  and Our Non-Theoretical Practice  "V"

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***  INTS Curriculum and Link to All Articles  "V"
***  Of Interest to Women  "V"  plus  Practical Non-Theory Explained  "V"
***  Armageddon  "V"  and other  Oxymoron’s  "V"
***  Plato’s Idealism Completed  Called Figmentalism  "V"  and introducing  The Laws of Reality  "V"
***  Spoof letter to Physicist  Anti-Theory meets String Theory  "V"
***  More Non-Theological Religous Concept  "V"  developing worldwide Ecumenity.
***  Theoretical Science  "V"  and it’s success’s and failures.
***  Hippy culture  "V"  revisited.
***  The Art and Craft of  Free Thinking  "V"
***  Collecting Your  Bonus Optimism  "V"
***  Global Maintenance Handbook  "V"  is an effort to guide inhabitants toward better planetary 
    stewardship regarding both Sister/Brotherhood and also Global Maintenance.
***  Plus  Machine Efficiency  "V"  Distribution and Production of Goods  "V"
    and  Commercial Exchange  "V"
***  Political Science subjects such as  Why Kyoto won’t Work.  "V"
***  Grassroots Non-Theory such as  The Threat of Waste being referred to as Garbage.  "V"
   Tribute to Dr David Suzuki
    INTS wishes to bestow Doctor David Suzuki with a   ’Tribute’.

    Thanks for the work you have done and continue to do. It is our hope that your warnings will be heeded. We are dedicated to that end.   Go to Honor Roll and David Suzuki

   Tribute to Wendy Mesley
    Read Wendy’s Personal account of her struggle with   breast cancer   and   our ’Dedication to Her’   plus ’Rising Incidence of Cancer’, and    Marketplace ’Carcinogens’

  ~All Dedications have ’Voice Transcriptions’ and a ’Photo Gallery’~   Go to Honor Roll and Wendy Mesley

   Tribute to Stephen Lewis
    Stephen is the very definition of altruism, His work in Africa on our behalf, as Canadians does us proud.

  It is for men like him that we can be thankful. He has touched our hearts with the suffering of African Aids victims and deserves our assistance.   Go to Honor Roll and Stephen Lewis

   Tribute to Oomama
    Grandmother’s helping Grandmother’s (Oomama) began in Toronto and has since spread across Canada assisting Stephen Lewis in fund raising to help the broken generations of aids victims in Africa.

  INTS thanks you and countless others that feel that life is not complete until you begin to help the less fortunate of this Earth.   Go to Honor Roll and Oomama

John F Kennedy ~ Benazir Bhutto ~ Martin Luther King ~ Posthumous Tributes
    Aptly named, King is a modern day Martyr, and we all share in this shame. Benazir Bhutto is the most recent sacrifice. John F Kennedy will live in our hearts Forever.

    Click Pix to go to each Honor Roll Site   To see ’Dedication’ ’History’ ’Gallery’ ’Voice transcript’    Read or Listen to JFK Murder Solved (Click Banner)

    All stand in the shadow of these Great Persons.

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