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Brainworks Chapter One ~    The System  
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Search the Web for an understandable explanation of Brain Function and you will only find a map of areas that have been named.

That’s because there is only one System that can explain the Mind and the Brain.

Brainworks Chapter Two ~    The Elements of Mental Function  

Basic Brain Function and Fractal Reality

The brain as we know it is a complete duplicate of the external world. Everything we discover, view, listen to, smell or eat is duplicated within the mental part of the brain and right down to the most infinitesimal detail.

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Brainworks Chapter Three ~    Brain and Logic  
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Pure logic is based on Non-theory and the Absolutes developed thereof

For those that enjoy science in the classical sense it might come as a bit of a shock to hear of an explanation of brain function in which the brain itself contains the generators that control all that is seen and heard. Well you have been reading so much theory and have been convinced by those that write the stuff, that it’s true, and now you are beginning to believe it.

Brainworks Chapter Four ~    The Discovery  

Remembering how Fig was Discovered

You really wouldn’t expect to find the most definitive treatise on the function of this so called ’organ’ written by a non-professional with a grade 12 education who passed most grades with a 52% average, but then I really hated school. This Discovery took over 40 years to complete and encompasses the only complete system known to Science.

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Brainworks Chapter Five ~    What Brain?  
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So You still think You have a Real Physical Brain?

The Human Brain is an apparent and I stress the word APPARENT organ that exists within the cranium and is protected by the bone structure of the head. The Mind is said to be found there but is it?

Brainworks Chapter Six ~    PLotS or Practical Laws of the Sphere  

PLotS Edition 2

This isn’t a novel and it’s not a biography, nor is it a screenplay for a Comedy. It’s just a boring old dissertation on what science should be based on in schools these days and you can consider yourself lucky that it isn’t required reading but someday it might be. In the future your children may have to read the dreaded ’Laws of the Sphere’ and comment on them and memorize each and every one so..

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Brainworks Chapter Seven ~    Why Theories don’t work?  
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Commonalties Versus The Laws of Reality (LOR) plus *Notes

This has turned out to be a unique way of introducing the Laws of the First set (of 12) and though they may be a bit redundant, they do however, counter common misconceptions that our minds usually carry. The Brain must function knowing these laws deep within the reaches of our basic being but keeping them from us in order for us to have an enjoyable and fulfilling life in the imagined Real World.

Brainworks Chapter Eight ~    Suspended Reality  

What is Suspended Reality and why is it necessary to do this

In a dream state we suspend reality and substitute lower gravity and convenient transformations but even with all that we can still learn valuable lessons from our dreams.

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Brainworks Chapter Nine ~    The Human Form  
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Do we really have the ability to die?

How did we become humans? In this chapter we slip into a bit of conjecture surrounded by a backdrop of fact.

Brainworks Chapter Ten ~    Problems with Figmentalism  

Even the most complete System known to Man has it’s little Problems

With all this talk of the Absolute nature of these laws and such, it might come as a surprise that there are some problems with fig.

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Brainworks Chapter Eleven ~    How to live like a Millionaire  
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A Comedic Chapter showing that there is much more to riches than money

Another chapter that advocates choice when it comes to drugs. If you happen to feel that someone else ought to be deciding what you do with your time and what your habits should be then give your head a shake. I’m not advocating that you take anything at all, I’m only suggesting that it really isn’t anybody’s business but your own.

Brainworks Chapter Twelve ~    All About the Maya and 2012  
John Mink of CyArk

        ~ All About the Maya and 2012 ~

This very lengthy excerpt is from the web blog of John Mink (pictured at left) on the website CyArk and I completely agree with his conclusions so it is highly unnecessary for me to write the very same things. That’s the wonderful thing about the web, if someone likes what I say they can plagiarize it to their hearts content because once it’s on the WWW it’s all public domain. This will give you a good idea of what the human brain does with this type of anxiety date when there is a multitude of minds all pulling in different directions, some blowing it out of proportion and us on the other extreme doing our best to calm the waters.    Namron Soar

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Brainworks Chapter Thirteen ~    Entitic Science  

How ES Law (Entitic Science) differs from PLotS (The Practical Laws of the Sphere)

Both sound rather unique because they were discovered and christened by INTS, developed out of non-theory and anti theory to become the founding laws within LoR (The Laws of Reality Chapter 7) and all share the same irrefutability.

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Brainworks Chapter Fourteen ~    Non-Entitic Science  
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The Study of Reality that Never Was

Formerly called NES Law, it is the most tenuous of all series of laws, so in this chapter you will see how we develop the next iteration and study the problems associated with these pronouncements. These are the only laws that cannot actually be supported as non-conjectural so therefore the set was renamed Non-Entitic Science.

Brainworks Chapter Fifteen ~    Enlightenment/Figmentalism  

Many Old Religions speak of Enlightenment and it’s basically the same as Figmentalism

So what happens when humanity learns to harness these new skills as taught here? Well before that happens the general Western and European societies will have to become accustomed to the things that many of the older civilizations already know but perhaps even they have been perverted by modern materialism and have failed to heed their elders.

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Brainworks Chapter Sixteen ~    Proof Document  
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This is our Proof Document

There are No Absolutes, You Say? So nothing is provable within Science today, well guess again. All that is said here is absolute fact and very easy to prove.. Read on.

Brainworks Chapter Seventeen ~    Other Articles  

This chapter not written yet

Many more chapters to come so watch this space.

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