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These are all Voice articles available on INTS, most are narrated by Namron Soar but many in the Woman’s page are by other sources, such as free internet radio. Your computer may download them and then you will have to open the Mp3 from ’downloads’ or it may just play them. Click on each to hear.

Non-Theoretical Science Documents in Voice

Honor Roll ~ Benazir Bhutto

Honor Roll ~ John F Kennedy

Honor Roll ~ Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Honor Roll ~ Stephen Lewis

Honor Roll ~ Wendy Mesley

Honor Roll ~ Oomama Grandmothers

Honor Roll ~ David Suzuki

INTS Articles in Voice

Introduction to Anti-Theory


INTS Constitution

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INTS Curriculum

Ecumenical Way

Free Thinking

Prod and Distrib of Goods

Green Stuff

Global Handbook

Global Handbook 2

The Hippies

Figmentalism Articles in Voice

About the Laws of Reality

All Answers to All Questions

About Author NSoar

Celestial Relations

Concept of Figmentalism

Spoof Letter to Physicist

Tribute to Einstein

Perfect Elegance

Entitic Science Discription

Entitic Science Laws

First Chapters of Fig the Book

Introduction to Figmentalism

Fig Explained

Origin of the Universe

The Barrier of the Senses

What is Reality

Proof of Fig


More INTS Articles in Voice

About INTS

The First Kyoto Blog

Third Kyoto Blog

Laugh Mp3

The Efficiency of Machines

The Problem of Money

Bonus Optimism

And Other Oxymoron’s

Practical Non-Theory

Practical Non-Theory 2

About Science

No Such thing as Garbage

Woman’s Page Articles in Voice

Intro to Woman’s Page

Take up a Hobby

Health Tips

JFK ~ Farewell to Justice

Guns and Butter Radio ~ Pteck1

Pteck2 ~ Indira Singh

Nist 911 coverup

USA Election Fraud

Synthetic Terror ~ W Tarpley 1

Webster Tarpley 2

1993 WTC Bombing

The Big Wedding 911

The Big Wedding 911-2

The War on Terrorism

The War on Terrorism 2

The Real Charles Manson Story

Alex Jones Peak Oil

Alex Jones Popular Mechanics

Stanley Hilton on 911

Kennedy Assasination Solved

Wim Dankbaar One

Wim Dankbaar Two


Miscellaneous and TOE Articles

Introduction to Figmentalism

Intro to Nsoar Online INTS

Voice Quality Disclaimer

Voice intro to Voice

Melanie TOE

Melanie TOE 2

Chapters of ~ A Moderate Way

Preface to Book

Chapter 1 Memory

Ch 2 Thought

Ch 3 Explanation of Everything

Ch 4 Everything becomes Clearer

Ch 5 The Science of the Entity

Ch 6 The Thought of Non

Ch 7 Figmentalism and the Web

Ch 8 The Future of Consciousness

Ch 9 A Message from God

Ch 9 Message part 2

Ch 10 The Real Shock and Awe

Ch 11 The Wisdom of the Ages

Ch 12 Why we are What we are

Ch 13 Hugo Chavez and Colin Powell

Ch 14 The Terrorists are in the Whitehouse

Ch 15 Oil Futures and Integrity

Ch 16 Cruder and Cruder

Ch 17 Drugs and the Big Picture

Ch 18 Why Do we Fight

Ch 19 After the Break

Ch 20 The real story of Auschwitz

Ch 21 The Pipeline and Osmosis

Ch 22 Enter the Mainstream

Ch 23 The Trouble with America

Ch 24 Key to the Universe