~ Trial and Cosmetic reassembly ~
As mentioned the Canadian way of Customizing is to do the best you can with the least cash outlay.. mainly because 
We just wouldn’t be doing this if we had enough money to buy a better machine. ~Low Bucks~Lotsa Work~No Takeout~ 
That’s the motto and it means that you don’t drop the seat off at the upholsterers and pick up the new forks at 
California Custom Supply. It means you make everything. Anything shiny can become a kawi part with a little ingenuity. 
For those of you that are truly interested in backyard custom tricks I include detailed descriptions of various techniques 
at the bottom of each page. The Paint and Fiberglass custom work is state of the art and has no peers.
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This gallery is called trial and cosmetic assembly and means just that. Nothing is tightened, torqued or oiled except the forks on both ends. The needle bearings in the suspension and the races in the head and wheels are all greased because they are under seals and won’t dirty up the surface while you work. The brakes are dry except for the assembly lube and everything is put on and off many times to get everything right. Once the motor is in and rebuilt and repainted then the final assembly could be done but even better to leave this until the body and paint is completed.

The motor was replaced temporarily to get the springing clearance right in the redesigned rear and also to get the new mufflers welded on correctly. The position of the buddy pegs will affect the new body panels and they are determined by the exhaust system so the motor will stay in until this is accomplished and then come out again.

To some extent the black paint was removed from many of the steering head and fork parts as well as the swingarm but will probably be left on the motor since a Ninja seems to need black. The lower triple tree was painted with silver ground coat and looks great but is one of those things that can’t be seen with the fairings on. The rad baffles and the air box are plastic and not very good looking until you put on a coat of wrinkle black and they look fantastic. Many of these parts cannot be seen at all when the body work is on so what difference does it make???

The angle of the rear frame was altered to an extream at first and then reduced later to a moderate ammount. There will be a short inner rear fender added and both these changes are an effort to modernize a 22 year old bike. The taillight was turned upside down and L.E.D. clearance lights were used to make the signals. People who appreciate stock appearance are usually offended by things like the wild look of the new mufflers and the new custom tail section. These people are very conservative in their thinking and have little value for customizing but don’t let them keep you from experimenting. Real custom stuff always looks funny to the masses until it’s all finished then they can finally see it’s value although some can never appreciate change and think everything should be left stock. Screw them!! Go Nuts!!

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