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*** is the kidsafe site but can access files on RealRufus through the Sitemap and Curriculum areas 
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Updates Aug 29, 2008 (Most Recent First)
Most difficult of all was deciding to ’indict’ (point finger at) those named in conspiracy’s.. see US Economy
Updates Apr 11, 2008 
Renewed both domains for third year Mar 1st.
 New History Page  has a graph that outlines increasing size. Now showing hits on both sites plus figmentalism.
NS has exceeded the 50 megs allotted and now uses RR for anything new.
Using one click sync to update remote server.
New American Economic Crisis watch page.
New Theory of everything page with other contributors.
New Comparing Religion Page looks at about 40 different world belief systems.
Kawasaki Ninja and Honda pages have been added to Motorcycles.
New featured health page added May 6, 08
Updates Dec 24, 2007    New History Page 
The entire NS site was reorganized for the second time to allow all html documents to be easily available on the remote site by ftp.
NS Css have been updated to only 8 docs all in one folder.
Both html and css have been validated by the web body for both NS and RR.
Currently NS is 128 html docs, 34 megs, 506 files, 18 folders, of 50 megs on highspeed
RR is 6 css, 91 html docs, 674 megs, 9028 files, 83 folders, of 1500 on bronze hostingbythebay
A Board of directors has been added to INTS.
Updates Aug 28, 2007 
All planned stores removed except Pipes that is complete on Paypal.
RR has 90 updated galleries and NS has complete direction and function.
Sound added for all Documents in NS by Sept 30.
Updates Feb 19, 2007  
Rufus Html Services added and Online Stores planned such as Ruby’s Creative Arts, Norm’s Stock Photo Agency 
but the Pipes Store was the only completed.
Updates Nov 8 2006
These are the new features that have been added recently.
***The old NS entrance has been replaced with INTS institution but all links the same.
***Both NS and RR have been converted to pay sites with no admission, as yet but Online Stores added but not functioning properly.
***New Galleries, more pix and all new banners for the galleries.
Updates June 14, 2006 
The gang links have been repaired, plus the little blurbs under each banner have been completed.
New galleries and pix have been added along with a variety of function.
These are the historical elements of both Namron and Real

*** The Human Form was the first website held by Ross, uploaded in 1996 several months before he even had a computer. 
It was written by friend Ken Jones and later redone by Terry Moore in 1998 and was 2megs. 
It is still available on RR at  here  
The ISP’s were foxnet, air internet, tbaytel dialup, tbaytel highspeed, hostingbythebay. 

*** Both NS and RR were uploaded to their respective Dot com’s April 20, 2006 after approximately 
two months of gruelling effort which involved the ancient Namron relearning markup language. was registered as a domain name on March 1st 2006. The first NS site was horrible and can be seen in  here .

***The Institute of Non-Theoretical Science was added (or invented) Sept 12, 2006 and didn’t hit 
cyberspace until late Oct. If you thought "The Laws of Reality" were a stretch, how about becoming a 
professor in your own University???

*** Shortly after that, many of the links appeared to be failing but the old man was 
unable to attend to these problems until June 14, 2006 when he worked up the spirit 
to try again and repair and update.

*** In case you don’t know, Namron, Rufus and Ross are all the same dude.
All tend to avoid the "I, me, my" pronouns and refer to themselves in the third person.
Namron is the safe, quiet one that writes. Rufus is out of his ever-loving tree and cannot be 
trusted and Ross has no use for either and prefers to stay out of the lime-light. What is even 
worse is now the three of them have brought their parents back from the grave to look after the 
online stores and I hear that Froggy might be employed telling bedtime stories. 

ps......This may be only a rumor but I also heard that Namron refuses to take responsibility for Rufus’ 
written nonsense and the two are feuding about it. Rufus plans to put up a jokes dept and write 
"Ten years of Cyberspace Map" and "Why you like Hackers" ..i can hardly wait????
he’ll never get around to it
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