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   Idealism Revisited and Renamed:   "Voice"

The Philosophic Battle between Realism and Idealism continues. Click Here to read the Chapters available on this subject that will become a book titled "Figmentalism and The Laws of Reality"

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   Laws of Reality:    "Voice"   "Original Laws Page"
Have the Laws of Reality ever been written? Certainly they could have been found out previously and indeed show up in various parts within the writings of the world. But never has there been a concise and timely description of what they actually are such as these. Also see Entitic Science and NES Law.  Laws of Reality
   The Tablets and The Non-Theological Way:   "Voice"

Theory and Theocracy are not needed to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. Click Here to read "The Non-Theological Way" or Here to see "The Laws of Reality Tablets" and find out how they were made and what they are for.

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   About the Author:   "Voice"
A History of Namron Soar with Pix. More can be found at The Gang Webpages including family and friends (The Old Man)
   Bibliography of all Religions:
Read full page descriptions of 45 Religions Religious Index or general ’About’ Religion Here or look at our Religious Gallery and we even have a Message directly from God God’s Message
   Bibliography of Associated Philosophies:
Click for Bibliography Click for Criticism Click pix to go to various General Bibliography Histories.  Bibliography’s History of Ontology History of Empiricism
   Associated Pictures Etc:
So far the ’Pictures section’ only has; A Crude concept of Intersecting Orbs of Reality. Click Pix to View.   Two lists called ’The Quandary’ showing the problems with Figmentalism as opposed to String Theory Here   A Comic Portrayal of ’Gravity’ Gravity Explained solving Einstein’s major problem. Plus a bit more Poetic Licence called Universe
   Proof:   "Voice"
One Cannot Prove anything beyond Consensus. That being said, this may prove the Realists wrong.  Two older Articles and a third Here much more devastating for the realists, that came to be chapter six of the new book. Don’t forget there’s ’Voice’ for all articles. This is the busiest of all fractals and you will probably have to click on the ’Print’ copy to read.
   Terms used:
A reference to the meaning of terms used in figmentalism and all nsoar articles unless they are common and may be found at Your Free Web Dictionary
   Philosophical ‘isms’:
The Worlds Philosophers have produced a great number of Philosophies that end in ’ism’ Here are 354 of them with a paragraph to explain each. Interesting to note that this list contains Figmentalism but Wikipedia refuses to recognize it.  See List

Read Introduction Figmentalism Explained Origin of The Universe Barrier of the Senses What is Reality Proof of Figmentalism V3
   Introduction to Figmentalism:   "Voice"
We have written a number of introductions to this subject but this one is expected to lead off the book of the same name as it leads off our brand new site. If you read our opening page then you’ve seen it already. The Chapters below are listed with quotes from the beginning of each.  Read Article Click to Read Chapter 1
   Fig Explained:   "Voice"
Click to Read Chapter 2 First of all do not get hung up on the word. This explanation actually refers to a subject that has been called too many things to list but the term figment~alist is the easiest to connect to the understanding. Science and Religion have two different ways of explaining where we came from and although some feel that you can combine those beliefs, you really can not  Read Chapter Two
   The Origin of the Universe:   "Voice"
You may ask yourself from time to time how you came to be designed the way you are with two arms and all. Well it relates back to you as a baby, becoming cognizant slowly and gradually. Our condition requires that we have a protector to nurture us as we slowly begin to make sense of the sound and sight available. This is no less than the birth of the entire Universe.  Read Article Click to Read Chapter 3
   The Barrier of the Senses:   "Voice"
Click to Read Chapter 4 One of the best opportunities to make discoveries in this field is by the study of the senses and I mean strictly in a figmental way. No theory, conjecture, idea or pause is to be tolerated. That’s the figmental way and falls under the category of Non-Theory. This is a very restrictive science and almost nothing is allowed so even the tiniest breakthrough is a revelation.  Read
   What is Reality:   "Voice"
The online encyclopedia ’Wikipedia’ says: Reality, in everyday usage, means "the state of things as they actually exist." In a sense it is what is real. The term reality, in its widest sense, includes everything that is, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. Reality in this sense includes being and sometimes is considered to include nothingness, where existence is often restricted to being.  Read Article Click to Read Chapter 5
   Proof these are not Theories:   "Voice"
Click to Read Chapter 6 Naturally there is really no proof of anything in the strictest sense of philosophy. One can only be convinced that there is a proof since all things can be waged with conjecture but with that said try to argue with this simple sentence; "We exist". That statement is what we at INTS have dubbed ’The Fundamental Absolute’ and it is supported by the consideration that if you argue with it’s validity then you are just proving it by your ability to do so.  Read

The Answer to All Questions
   The Answers to all Questions:   "Voice"
Figmentalism Is a complete system that can reliably answer any question except one, Read or listen to Voice Transcript.  All Answers Article and Voice
   Perfect Elegance   "Voice"
Take the Challenge, Try to find fault with Perfect Elegance. Remember.. No Theories Please.  Click Here Click to See 'Challenge'
   Introduction:   "Voice"
Do you really want to live in an imaginary world? The answer is probably "no" but the idea that everything could be a figment of your imagination is an interesting concept. Actually after much deliberation on the subject, it seems difficult to think otherwise. The "Real" world concept is rife with theories such as String, Big Bang, Evolution and Creation. None have ever come close to being proven so it might seem prudent to step back a bit and examine our method of explaining and dealing with existence.  Click Here

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   Concept:   "Voice"
It helps to think of Figmentalism as a concept at first, to get a grasp of this new way of seeing your reality. We have been steeped in material/realism for so long that we fully take for granted that there are real atoms and molecules making up the environment. Figmentalism questions this assumption. Believing in the "real" world is the concept of reality. Refusing to believe in it does not really seem like a concept at all.  Read Article
   Celestial:   "Voice"
From our perspective here on Earth we view the heavens and then apply current scientific explanations to the various phenomenon. The most obvious object floating in sky/space is the Sun. We are told by science that it is much larger than either the moon or earth but when we observe a solar eclipse, the moon seems to fit perfectly over the disc of the sun. It does this so accurately that it is possible for cosmologists to study the sun’s corona. That’s quite a coincidence..... .  Read
   String Theory:   "Voice"   "Voice2"
Supersymmetry is the latest Mainstream theory that tries to explain all things. This moves the Realists even Further away from proving we descended from Matter.  Click one of three Fractals at Right

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