Stern Portrait

My apologies for the stern portrait but disappointment is being displayed about our collective planetary stewardship practices and when we show improvement my countenance will change. Also I have been told that my page is a bit busy but I like it that way. Click ’Print’ to cancel background or go to ’Sitemap’ to navigate in plain copy only.

Nsoar Quotes

"I have an agenda, and it’s Green".

"The nurturing hand holds not the sword".

"You don’t exist, nor do I, We only think we do".

"If You are wondering where we have gone wrong as humans, Go ask some kid".

"Mantra: I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know".

"Perfect Elegance: There is no process other than thought" and it’s corollary: "even Memory is an Illusion".

"re Sartre: Ya gotta love him".

"re Einstein: I’ve completed your theory Sir!". Here are some Quotes by Einstein on His Honor page by INTS.

"by not wanting complete control over the entire universe, You have complete control over the entire universe".

"Our only salvation right now is the Crackpots and Cranks".

"I wish to be Proactive, Preemptive, Autonomous".

"The World is run by money, the accountants are in control".

"Awareness creates All".

"If your God brings death and destruction to a populous then he deserves no worship".

"The Monsters never worry about the Innocents, If they kill them they just shrug their shoulders and move on".

"Those that spend their days bearing falsehoods at the stock market have no Religion, God or Moral stock, their Humanity is Bankrupt".

"We are the Spirit and created the Myth of another God".

"Lincoln and Democracy died the same day".

"Unfortunatly most countries of the World don’t really have Governments, so the banks make all the decisions".

"A tree is one unending series of imperfections but as a whole is still a perfect tree".

Namron Soar


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