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Worship the God or Gods that you may
Know that We here have no religious affiliation
We are neither atheist nor agnostic
We leave all these things out to allow free association

We neither shun nor support any religious beliefs
Ours is the way of Ecumenity
This is a prayer to ourselves:

Nine Thats/ Credo/ Prayer

i pray
that all be as one
that the two genders be one in love
that they be equal in all ways
that all be equal in all ways
that the earth is respected
that the earth is shared and none or all should want
that all do not war but contest amicably
that our creatures be respected
that our condition be appreciated

The term ecumenity may be new to you. Perhaps it has been coined by this Institute but supplants the more clumsy terms "ecumenicalism or ecumenism" that roughly mean the same thing, which has been described in the prose and poetry above. This Institute does not wish to be involved in what it sees as protocol differences between religions and the best way to do that is to avoid that type of discussion altogether.

Discussions of God, Satan or those of Good and Evil are welcome so long as no sect or religious quotations are mentioned. Words referencing a religious book or text either as the name of the book or text or it’s contents are not allowed here in order to maintain a distance from this issue. It is recognized that even the words God and Satan evoke a connection with certain world areas so these references will be relaxed and your chosen deity and anti-deity may be referred to freely by the name that you chose.

The University of Non-Theoretical Science is also Non-Theological and considers the idea of a greater Creator to be the invention of those that believe in it/she/he. We do not require anyone communicating with or connected with the Institute to espouse this anti-theological philosophy, nor is it any matter or business of ours what your own religious beliefs are. We simply want to keep the discussion of the world affairs regarding it’s stewardship free of conflict of this nature.

nsoar -founder