The Vincent Black Shadow is ancient cycle metal circa 1948, that could do 125 mph out of the box and tuned in 
the form of "Black Lightning" set the worlds speed record of 150plus mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in that year, 
ridden by Rollie Free. The Motor was the actual frame of the bike and it sported the worlds first monoshock...sheeit! 
Naturally girder forks of the day, gave way to oleo tubes and the bike has been resurrected in modern times with 
water cooling and carbon fiber tanks etc. but there was nothing like it in the old days and for My money is still 
the best looking chunk of iron ever made...well maybe the Ariel or the Royal Enfield but they would only do 120.
 Oh Yeah..did I mention that the stock speedo that came with the bike in the showroom said 150 on 1948!!!
 Did I mention Lawrence of Arabia.. wadda ya think he was famous for riding? guessed it, A Vincent.
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