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How the Brain Works ~ A Treatise by Namron Soar ~ Oh-1 Digital Press ~ Friday October 7th 2011 ~ Chapter Five ~ What Brain? ~ ID 1676

The Human Brain is an apparent and I stress the word APPARENT organ that exists within the cranium and is protected by the bone structure of the head. The only time you can feel it is when you have an injury of the head and the feeling is that of pain in the form of a headache. Otherwise there is no actual feeling of brain function except for sensations like ’Rushes’ which seem to go up the spine to the brain and give a sensation of pleasure. Indian (Native Canadians or Americans) chant in a Hay.. Aye.. Aye.. Aye.. fashion and this can cause rushes to occur which feel like a warm glowing or buzzing sensation in the neck and head. These are manifestations of the endeavor of chanting or taking a drug like Cocaine and seem to prove in some way that the brain really exists but all sensation is only something that is apparent and not proof that there really is a brain inside your head. Well if I had read this 20 years ago I would not have given it much credence and stopped reading such drivel, but in this case, it can be proved quite easily as found in chapter sixteen; The Proof Document. Doctors and Scientists alike have absolutely no clue how the brain handles cognition and especially how it stores memory. They claim that it has something to do with a computer-like system that is able to take a scene and the subsequent scenes of an experience together with the sound and other sensory events and store them, interact with them and recall the whole process at a later date but there is no popular explanation of how the physical brain can do this. They try to snow the general public with names for all the various common parts of the brain and claim that synaptic functions can occur at rates in the milliseconds but never postulate a theory of how the actual memory works, nor how the thought process works. Why it this? Well it’s because you don’t really have a brain.

What.. No Brain?

Your thinking system is an experience and is actually the things that are happening at the time. If you are swimming your brain is the wet world about you and your thoughts are just the experience of what you think water feels like coursing over your body. You will find that there is only one point of interest that is comprehensible at any given time and in this example it could be the sensation of kicking in the water when you are concentrating on what your feet are doing and all else would be oblivious to you. If you were to bump into another swimmer or a jelly fish your point of concentration would immediately shift to that and the sensation of your kick would be completely lost. That is not to say that there is no contextual background to this experience. Your cognition works so fast that you might in a seeming instant hear the call of a seagull, the crash of a wave ahead, the shouts of your children and the feeling of the jelly fish but you point of concentration is simply shifting from one thing to another very quickly. During all this you might be oblivious to the sky, what is behind you or even to the fact that you have subsequently lost your bathing suit. Your experience is strictly lineal and the world is only experienced one portion at a time but it all adds up to a total experience that you will be able to remember around the campfire later in the evening to tell your spouse how you lost your trunks. At this point in our research we are unable to know how the memory of the experience seems so real and accurate but it cannot be stored in any way that we are aware of since there is no material storage device for this purpose. Memory at this point in the discussion is only a matter of confidence, in that you feel convinced that what you are remembering actually happened. First of all it didn’t actually happen in a classical mass/energy structured system. It is better to think of the experience as a more memorable type of dream where everything that happens is manufactured out of cognition. Your actual brain, therefore is the world you live in and everything that is around you. You may notice that in every case you are part of a sphere and the best way to experience this is to stand with your back to a wall in a room. Don’t move your head and just stare straight ahead and you will notice that your vision in it’s periphery can see that the wall seems to blend with your ear level and the back of your head does not exist, at least in a sensory way unless you tap in on the wall. Stand a bit away from the wall and you can see that you are part of a globe that appears to be rectangular but constitutes a sphere that could be called the sphere of reality. It passes right through you from side to side and out of the top of your head no matter where you go and the ground or floor is the seeming constant physical contact and your back does not exist in any way that you can tell, unless you happen to have some sensation behind you. Standing outside, the matrix of the stars and black sky create the overhead wall of the sphere, thus the 5th Law of Reality; ’Reality is a globe we are within, not upon’. The Sphere is your actual brain. As in sleep, when you dream, you are creating all that you experience and this does not happen in a physical brain in either case. In both you are stuck to the wall of this sphere and your experiences are what you are thinking and your very thoughts are the only things that exist. ’We Exist’ and that very short sentence is what INTS refers to as the fundamental absolute. It cannot be argued with and if you do attempt to disprove it you are only adding to it’s credence because how could you question existence if you didn’t exist.

The Laws, and it may have been mentioned before, are not cast in stone. In other words they may be in error to some small extent and some may even be dead wrong but I really doubt the latter. They are, however, probably more than 90% correct because the thrust of each is near perfect but the semantics could need a tweak or two. They get altered to some small extent periodically but for the most part the same sentiment is repeated again and again as there is little else to discover when one finds out what true enlightenment is. They can be embellished with new laws and series of laws but there is really no argument against these pronouncements. The vast majority of the laws of reality, entitic science and the laws of the sphere are simply statements that are intended to counter the common misconceptions that the general populace, modern science and theology believe in. Figmentalism/Idealism/Enlightenment are not belief systems as there is nothing to believe in, only principles to understand. Both Enlightenment and Idealism have a variety of different sources and only the main tenets are consistent with Figmentalism which is designed for European and Western students without any accessories as you would find in Buddhism for example. The common thread among all three of the afore mentioned disciplines is simply that ’We are the Spirit, We create ourselves and collectively create the world we live in, including all of the cosmos on a millisecond by millisecond basis from nothing more than thought’. Buddha didn’t say anything exactly like that but he did say that the great spirit that we call god is the same as the individual spirit of each person and you won’t find that in any ancient or modern writings because little of what he said is comprehensible in English simply because the translators held their own bias and very few understood what he meant or wholeheartedly agreed with it. Also on the matter of Duality and many other issues Buddha refused to comment. The Hindu Vedas (Advaita Vedanta) states clearly that Atman is Brahman, meaning that each soul is the same as the overall god. All the old Religions say something similar to that and the rest can easily be extrapolated. (i.e. if we are God then we create ourselves and the only way we can do it is through comprehension, simply because there is no way to create matter apart from imagining it.) The three or four guilt driven religions are true belief systems that have no foundation in fact at all. Christianity and/or Catholicism, Judaism and Islam do not have any enlightenment attached to them and an educated person can only think that there must have been a lot of manipulation in the passages they hold as gospel, both in the interpretation of ancient text and also in the inclusion of certain texts which were, no doubt, left out of their scriptures. I really find it difficult to understand how the Moslems could be so aligned with the other groups especially Judaism. The so-called Christ was never mentioned in any history books written at the time and all the writings that claim to be historic were illegitimate contrivances created by misguided Theologs much later, or misdated. If my kid came home with a small silver rendering of a human held in an Iron Maiden or a soul stretched on a rack, in miniature, on a chain around his neck I would hit the band, but how many of our gentle souls in this world today have a crucifix of some poor tormented soul hanging on a cross? How brainwashed are these people today to carry on with such nonsense?

Namron Soar

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