This is a Commemorative Site Dedicated to Ruby and her Craft store. There are no prices on 
anything but if you find something here you are interested in, don’t hesitate to contact us to see if it’s available.
Her Son Ross is responsible for the Ceramics and Porcelain and they are presently being Recreated.
She may be gone but as she always said she would return, and so here she is. 
She accomplished many local artifacts and inspired many local people to do craft work.

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   Ruby’s Garden and Personal Page
Ruby’s Creative Arts was the first craft or hobby shop here in old Thunder Bay.
She was well known locally for her ability to paint in oils and her natural interest as a craft teacher.
What we have, so far is a developing collection of her memorabilia but it will grow.
See the Garden with    ~Ruby’s Family Pix~   ~Norm’s Family Pix~    The Carpentry and Boat Projects are so Artistic they were included here.

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