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At this point "The Gang" webspace is limited to 100 pix for each page. (yeah right!) Email a scan or photo of your 
pictures to "Webmaster" (always use a tripod and don’t forget delay shutter release so the 
camera doesn’t shake). 
Indicate what pix, if any, you want removed (only yours).
Hold the mouse over each pix to read the title. Suggest new titles, if you wish.
You can supply some text for the heading to replace or be added to what is there.
Any type of written work can be added, poems, songs, articles or resume’s.
Also requests for a new banner or some layout change can be requested.
Have Fun!
We have a few small nutty Movies  Vince Spill  Vince Spill 2  Vince Honda  Shaun Honda  Caution; the odd swear
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Email is to webmaster nsoar@tbaytel.net

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