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Welcome to INTS. The ‘Plain Background for Print’ or ‘Plain Background’ links on all written pages lead to a copy without the Background image so You can read the copy easier or select and print, should you want a copy.

Another point of interest is the "Voice" or "V" links that are near the article on the index page are also on the article page too, first link at left.

In some cases there are two "Voice" links on each article page. "Voice2" is the more interesting of the two using special effects to relieve the boredom of reading or listening to a droning voice transcript. Accent, phalanger and auditorium ambience are used to accomplish this but music and other means is expected in the future. All voice recordings are also available at The New Sitemap Page

Established Sept 12, 2006
"Visit Humble INTS"   Dedication: This University is dedicated to both Ruby’s, Norm and Gabriel.

  Purpose: To redefine present planetary stewardship practices and engender tolerance and care for all.

    Constitution: Without charter, without precedent and few staff but not without purpose.  Constitution

  Non-Theoretical and Non-Theological discussion and study   Our Ecumenical Practice  and  Our Non-Theoretical Practice

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Garage with a Treehouse Recurve Bow Project Rufe's Old Metal
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The Beautiful Royal Enfield More English Bikes
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