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For anyone that must use computers to accomplish a specific task, and especially 
the independent so called " hacker " or just plain keyboard " hack ", the machine 
can be both a burden and an incredible joy and all at the same time. YES!

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Rufus is Bold, Brash and Rebellious no longer.

Still a rebel at heart, but a kinder, gentler one.

Late Arrival: RealRufus.Com enters the mainstream after nine years underground 
mapping cyber territory.
Art, Articles and Auto is what we offer here 
and at the sister domain NamronSoar.Com the "Kid-safe" entrance 
Featuring: "The Gang" personal web pages.
Rufus’ Clay Pipes
All original and handmade, these pipes 
may be used for tobacco or whatever you smoke. 
These are Non-production Art Pipes featuring Inovation and Craft
2007 Batch Available Now and Production pix
Sold Out: Gallery and Other Ceramics
"Buy One Now"
Articles by Namron Soar
Only Highschool educated with no affiliates, no accolades and no degrees.... He embarks 
on the most impossible of topics and adds a probable sense that you might agree with.
The Institute of Non-Theoretical Science Welcomes You to NamronSoar.Com 
to read articles on  Better Planetary Stewardship     Kyoto     Non-Theory 
Plus First Ever  The Laws of Reality V4 Located in Figmentalism or the latest version 
Anti-Theory meets String Theory
"Welcome to the Institute?"
And Introducing
"C'mon Over"
Welcome to  Ruby’s Creative Arts where we display all items for sale except  Pipes 
and link to all  Art related Galleries  including:     50 Ceramic Galleries
 2 Studio Galleries    Ruby’s Garden and Personal Site     Digital Camera 
2 Kayak Galleries     Carpentry     Trimaran  and good ol’  Froggy’s  fun page for kids
As Well as
"Digital Photo Sales"
Take a look at  Norm’s Stock Photo Agency to see which digital photos are available from us. 
Or check out Norm’s  Mechanical Interests Page 
that links to all Auto Related Galleries including:  Monster Truck    Zdravko’s Z28    
 6 Motorcycle Galleries    2 Lotus Galleries    and  Other Loti    
Painting Flames     Custom Cars    
Norm’s Exotic Cars and Personal Site    2 Garage Galleries  and  Bicycles 
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Completed Monster Slip Cast Porcelain Free Web Space
Z28 Drag Camaro Two Galleries Your Comments Welcome
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Multi-Year Project Ruby's Personal Page About This Site
Beautiful Pictures A Growing Gallery Hire Rufe for your Webpage
Canadian Rods Another Long Project What do You See?
Strange Structure Wood Recurve Project More English Metal
Developing Gallery For The Grandkids Full Custom Bikes
English Machine Velocette The Beautiful Royal Enfield More English Bikes
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