Norm had a real passion for cars long before the term "gear head" was invented, but he qualifies. During the 2nd WW 
He worked as a quality inspector for Canadian Car in Thunder Bay putting a micrometer on Hurricane and Helldiver 
fighter parts to make sure they were the quality required for the War effort and our Boys overseas. Later he opened 
Owen Electric Supply Co in Westfort and also helped Ruby by making wood picture frames with the fancy moulding of 
the day. When being an Electrician became too difficult for his age and health, in later years, He tried to get a 
Real Estate licence but it proved to be much more difficult than expected. After taking the test three times he 
eventually succeeded and became a Broker and changed the Electric Co into a Brokerage for House and Business sales. 
He could finally afford the Mercedes that he always wanted and also bought an Apartment building that he kept rented 
for several years. Norm had a knack for mechanical things and his own style of Quick Math so he could calculate 
mortgages in his head to the surprise of all. Norm was also a Pool "Sharp" as he called it, because the term "Shark" 
was just not him. He could spot you the table and beat you anyway’s. A True Saint of a Man that always put others 
ahead of Himself, with no need to take advantage, the real meaning of Altruism. Never rich in monetary terms but 
in Community respect he was King.
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