Well first off let me explain that the pictures may seem a bit repetitive in some cases 
throughout all these galleries. There are subtle differences in the photography and important historically and artistically, 
and that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. The people in the pix are kurt-ross-shawn-vince-jason-kyle and can be found 
Here at ’The Gang’ if you wish to identify them. A GSX is known as a ’Ninja’ in Canada and USA and most of the pix here 
are of it’s first history becoming a custom project bike. After it arrived the kids got it running and immediatly blew it up 
due to valve train probs. The intake cam broke, one valve got mushed and the cam chain let go but nothing else so I bought it 
and this is it’s story in the next multi galleries. ~1986 750cc GSX Kawasaki~
~~ See the bottom of this Gallery for Detailed Custom Tips ~~ 
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If you have a particular model of Motorcycle that you have a distinct passion for then this type of detailing and custom work is for you. I feel that the 750cc model is my size bike and the Kawi Ninja is composed of a considerable amount of alloy making it light enough for reasonable use. Still, the wet weight is almost 500 lbs and that is about as light as you can expect unless you want to invest in some very expensive aftermarket parts or do some serious chopping. This bike has a steel frame around the motor only, but even an aluminum one could not shave much more that 10 lbs off. A lightweight battery and exhaust system would help.

Take the whole thing apart and get yourself a manual for reference. Clean everything and invest in a sand blaster to renew most parts. The aluminum clip-on bars, the levers and any other aluminum parts that are bent can be straightened by placing in a vice and heating gently with an acetylene torch. (be careful, they melt real easily) Take a lot of pictures and look up custom paint schemes on the internet or in mags and try to decide what you want to do with your machine. Any paint that is still in good condition and well adhered can be left on and sanded lightly to prepare for the new color. Use a torch to remove some paint with steel wool or wire brushes and then polish the aluminum parts with a buffer wheel and compound.

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