~ Well I guess you could call this page fun mixed with frustration. ~ 
Originally Jason had the wacky idea that he could mate a Honda XR250 that had a spent engine to a street mill CB360. 
He solved the engine mounting problems real fast just by welding the necessary parts of both bike frames together and 
’Voila’ a monster off-roader. But all that power caused the frame to twist under brutal acceleration and the chain would 
jump off. Well that’s where we stand at this point. The thing is rideable but a bit heavy for jumping, loaded with power 
but Jay is frustrated by the need for more frame work.
~ The other Bike featured is a Honda CBR 600cc circa ’88 with a set of aftermatket race fairings. ~
Not much frustration there for Kurt, owning a mint Super Bike and all but the new fairings have the same old problem that 
plagues all custom fiberglass replacement parts...the damn things just don’t fit right! Why?? because when they get copied 
from the originals the molds shrink a tiny bit as they are cast and then the new parts shrink a tiny bit more as they are 
made. All this amounts to seams and mounting points that need major attention and if you don’t think that’s frustrating, 
give it a try sometime.. you’ll be reaching for the meds.. guaranteed.
~~ See the bottom of this Gallery for Detailed Custom Tips ~~ 
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