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Established Sept 12, 2006" Cottage-Studio-Institution "   Dedication: This University is dedicated to both Ruby’s, Norm and Gabriel.

  Purpose: To redefine present planetary stewardship practices and engender tolerance and care for all.

    Constitution: Without charter, without precedent and few staff but not without purpose.  Constitution

  Non-Theoretical and Non-Theological discussion and study   Our Ecumenical Practice

 and Our Non-Theoretical Practice

Curriculum for Fall 2006 Semester"Lectures by Prof Soar"
Tribute to Dr David Suzuki"Sign up for newsletters"     INTS wishes to bestow a Tribute on Doctor David Suzuki.

  Thanks for the work you have done and continue to do. It is our hope that your warnings will be heeded. We are dedicated to that end.

Enrollment, Tuition and Graduation"Join and Contribute"    Students of Free-Thinking cannot be proffered paper accolades, therefore grades, tests and diplomas have  no place here.

   The information within this Institute is designed nonetheless to teach and as such is a bona-fide place of   learning and interaction.

   Unfortunately some of the topics are unavailable at a highschool or public school level but many are and a few even display some humor.

   To join you may either contribute to the knowledge base, further it’s goals or donate.

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