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Weeks previous to those below are placed in Grampa’s Features with most recent being   Six   Five   Four   Three   Two   and   One   when the weekly began.

The Features are;   Ruby’s Art Galleries   Click Thumbs to View Galleries, and    Motorcycle and Auto Galleries   of interest to Boys   The Original Kayak Gallery   The Wood Bow Gallery   Radio Control Wood Car   Ice Boat Gallery   and Corsair Radio Control plane, Short Movies coming soon.

2013 Mar 16 to Apr 05 ~ Hi to Trudy, Betty Lucy, Monika and Bill, the Wednesday Lunch Gang!

Trying out some New Fruit    ~    Plus Repairing a Shattered Sculpture   

Spring is here, well just about anyway so it’s time to work on the motorcycles, and the first picture is the empty crankcase of an 82 honda 350 RFVC that will be rebuilt here. Bill may be bidding farewell to a crummy snowmobile season or just being silly, I vote for silly!

The Spring cleanup that began last spring has gone right through this winter is coming to an end and now is the time to begin working on the automotive and motorcycle projects.

My friend and fellow retired Ceramic Shop owner; Trudy asked me to repair the sculpture pictured below of a boy weaving a cane basket (not shown) and it was quite a challenge. 5 minute epoxy allows a progressive repair with diminishing rigidity and talc filled polyester (bondo) makes a manageable repair.

04-05-13-x-refinished 03-31-13-s-rebuilding-honda 03-24-13-s-bill-crazy-pose 03-22-13-s-sorting-stilts-02 03-22-13-s-sorting-glazes 02-24-13-s-snow-drifts
03-16-13-s-broken-sculpture-01 03-16-13-s-broken-sculpture-02 03-16-13-s-broken-sculpture-03 03-18-13-s-broken-sculpture-04 03-19-13-s-broken-sculpture-05 03-16-13-s-broken-sculpture-06

2013 Feb 17 to Mar 07 ~ Hi to Deb and Don!

All Bamboo Tool Chest    ~    Plus a new Lettering System   

Grampa has been getting a bit tired of chasing after the tools most often used, hence a toolbox was needed. Everything has it’s own slot so putting then away is as easy as setting them down. It is made entirely of bamboo purchased from the dollar store (about 30 bucks worth). It’s nailed together with bamboo nails, epoxyed with dollar store 5 min epoxy and doweled with dollar store bamboo chop sticks, even the ready rod used to tension the handles is made of organic materials (hemp rope from the dollar store).

Call me Crazy! but since I’m getting close to 70, there is a whole bunch of things I can do that could not be done at an earlier age. One of them is to be able to put signs all over the place and nobody can say anything because I’m retired and not a threat to anyone. So I decided to finally put the sign up on the garage that I always wanted to do saying "Northern Coachwork and Maintenance" and now it isn’t an actual business but rather a free teaching site on the web. These letters are made of foam and will be coated with latex exterior paint to make them weather proof.

02-17-13-n-holes-for-tools-01 02-17-13-n-holes-for-tools-02 02-17-13-n-nother-nasty-look 02-17-13-n-trial-assembly 02-25-13-s-all-tools-fit-in-toolbox 02-28-13-n-tools-and-case-parts
02-28-13-s-doweling-pieces 02-28-13-s-parts-ready 02-28-13-s-preparing-ends 03-01-13-s-bamboo-nails 03-01-13-s-end-completed 03-03-13-s-oil-and-urethane
03-03-13-s-oiling 03-03-13-s-organic-ready-rod-installed 03-03-13-s-organic-ready-rod 02-24-13-s-discolored-siding 02-24-13-s-bill-and-cat 02-19-13-s-snow-under-door
03-04-13-n-letters-on-computer 03-04-13-s-cutting-letters 03-06-13-s-serpentine-saw-cutting 03-06-13-s-trimming-after-cut 03-07-13-s-sliceing-to-thickness 03-02-13-s-playstation-board

2013 Jan 25 to Feb 16 ~ Hi to Ken, Willa and Lloyd!

Teapot Repair    ~    Plus Oiling the Refinished Sculptures   

This teapot was made in Alberta Plainsman clay using a method I called Kido Batai (meaning Battle Force in Japanese) and is the beating of rolled clay slabs with a natural grass whisk clutched low on the bristles. This produces many beaten thin slabs that is completely perforated at all edges and then assembled into a teapot.

If anyone recognizes the birds shown here, please tell me what they are because I would really like to know. They are in a group of about 20 and fly in a group though some act as individuals.

Part of the new molding process requires that all the remolded sculptures be separated into their mold parts and then oiled with linseed oil to make them water proof. Remolded thin raw clay castings cannot withstand the wet nature of plaster of paris, used in the mold making.

02-16-13-s-repairing-teapot 02-13-13-s-still-life 02-13-13-n-mt-mckay 02-12-13-n-still-life 02-07-13-n-what-kind-of-birds-at-feeder 02-07-13-n-unknown-birds
02-04-13-s-lengthening-kickstand 01-29-13-s-woo-ty-plus-cats 01-29-13-s-woo-ty-ling-parts 01-29-13-s-pia 01-29-13-s-pia-in-oil 01-29-13-s-oiling-woo-ty-ling
01-29-13-s-ma-soeur 01-29-13-n-woo-ty-oiled 01-29-13-n-oil-dry 01-28-13-n-cyclamen 01-27-13-s-ready-for-oil 01-27-13-s-linseed-oil-added
01-25-13-s-repair-ear-01 01-25-13-s-repair-ear-02 01-25-13-s-repair-ear-03 01-25-13-s-pour-plug 04-04-13-s-raw-veggie 01-25-13-n-mike-on-lake

2013 Jan 13 to Jan 19 ~ Hi to Misti, Tara, Ruby and Gabe!

Grampa’s’ Cookstove     ~     Folding Sauna Bench Featured   

In winter the Bean Pot gets a good workout with chili, deep brown beans and also pea soup.

The benches below were made with pine and spruce construction grade 2" by 4"s cut into 1" by 2"s and 2" by 2"s and screwed together with a blind face cover to hide the fasteners.

Sculpturewise the main piece right now is the Piaggo figure holding up a young cat and the new molding process will begin shortly. Once the method is tested there will be a complete di scription, you can count on that!

01-14-13-s-sauna-bench-01 01-14-13-s-sauna-bench-02 01-14-13-s-sauna-bench-03 01-14-13-s-sauna-bench-04 01-17-13-n-sauna-bench-05 01-17-13-n-ice-on-window
01-16-13-n-piaggo-and-vespa-02 01-16-13-s-piaggo-and-vespa-01 01-17-13-n-piaggo-and-vespa-03 01-18-13-s-piaggo-and-vespa-04 01-19-13-s-reo-fairy-and-misti 01-18-13-s-misti

2013 Jan 06 to 12 ~ Hi to Leonard and Family!

Pine Chair for Sauna   

Patterned after a dining room chair but with external dowling and no screws. The Black and Red mold discoloring is most prized and delightful to see with the danish oil and Helmsman applied. There are shown some screws in the construction but were only used temporarily and replaced with raw bamboo pins cut from the garden sticks you commonly see.

Grandpa has noticed a considerable improvement in his health since he replaced the first two meals, including morning coffee with juice from apples and carrots, a half inch of ginger root, quarter teaspoon of cinnamon, pinch of cloves and a quarter of a lemon. This juice is a magnificent energy drink and keeps me going until supper. The zucchini from the garden lasted until January.

Leonard Kainulainen brought my load of wood, all ten cords of white birch and I highly recommend his service for anyone locally that wants a reliable supplier of cordwood. My axe needs a new winding on the handle which is made of steel oval tube welded on, for splitting wood and cutting through the lake ice without losing the head.

01-01-13-n-chair-01 01-01-13-n-chair-03 01-01-13-n-chair-04 01-10-13-s-chair-06 01-03-13-n-drying-bricks 01-08-13-s-repairing-axe
01-03-13-n-breakfast-and-lunch 01-05-13-s-zucchin-january 01-10-13-s-life-giving-herbs 01-10-13-n-wood-delivery-01 01-10-13-n-wood-delivery-02 01-10-13-n-wood-delivery-03

2012 Oct 21 to 27 ~ Hi to Photographers Everywhere!

Sunsets and Firelights   

That’s a Corally 12th scale carpet racer that’s seen better days. It used to get crashed a bunch. The Kiln Shed is about done, but the damn roof still leaks and I need to fix the kilns and paint the walls and cupboards before it comes on line.

Had to make a scaffold for the front windows because the place needs paint in the worst way.

If you enlarge the picture called "Musical Notes" you will notice that the camera shake produced a panorama of what looks exactly like notes! Cool!

11-09-12-s-12th-scale-02 11-09-12-s-12th-scale-01 11-01-12-s-kiln-shed 10-31-12-s-sunset 10-31-12-s-self-portrait 10-31-12-s-ghost-writer-01
10-29-12-n-repainting-front 10-22-12-s-skyline 10-22-12-s-firelight 10-22-12-n-sunset 10-22-12-n-musical-notes 10-11-12-n-sleeping-giant

2012 Oct 7 to 13 ~ Hi to Monika and Emil!

From Someone to Someone who Loves Flowers   

Monika wound up with my sweet little Red Nikon for a few days and obviously tried it out, and very successfully, I might add. The pix are steady and well framed, also bright and well lit. Kudos to Moni. There is the Dining room that we all have Christmas dinner in, and her upstairs computer station. She sure loves her plants and where the heck did that planter come from?

"Flurry" turned out to be the actual cat’s name and not "Flikka" so for all of those who will be sending me emails and phoning me about the oversight, I have made the correction. lol!

I’m so glad to see a picture of the Mad Hatter Teapots that we made last year. These were done in a three hour session, all hand built in slab talc body.

10-13-12-n-monika-tomatoes-from-garden 10-13-12-n-monika-florals-11 10-13-12-n-monika-florals-10 10-13-12-n-monika-teapots 10-13-12-n-monika-flurry 10-13-12-n-monika-dining-room
10-13-12-n-monika-station 10-13-12-n-monika-planter 10-13-12-n-monika-florals-09 10-13-12-n-monika-florals-06 10-13-12-n-monika-florals-03 10-13-12-n-monika-florals-02

2012 Sept 30 to Oct 6 ~ Hi to those that have Totally Weird Art Hobbies!

Best Country in the world but the flags are made of crap   

A storm had blown a neighbor’s Red Ensign onto the ground by the house so this isn’t disrespectful. Perhaps it represents the storm "Sandy" that came a few weeks later or perhaps the foreboding issue after the US election referred to as the "Fiscal Cliff" that would affect Canada should things go badly.

I had a ton of fun with these tiny Monkshood leaves that have artistic shapes. Pan has either a lute or a pipe in different pix. (Hold cursor over thumb to view title). The female form has several faces morphed in digitally and it looks so like a woman in flowing cloths with a flower. These were not modified in any way in the original pix but became a faceoff for the Nikon, Sony and Fuji, scoring 6,1 and 5 respectively.

The pipe below is made of Rhubarb Wood and I bet you’ve never heard of such a thing but if you let your Rhubarb go wild and don’t cut the seed stalks they become a wonderful curvy wood and I’m trying to figure out what can be made with it. Continuing on with the weirdest habits in Artsville, I always save the skim off the Varnish Can and in these pix you can see why. I left this one out in the dew overnight to get this beautiful finish.

10-04-12-n-pan-and-pipe 10-04-12-n-pan-leaf 10-04-12-n-varnish-dish 10-07-12-n-nose-01 10-07-12-n-nose-02 10-07-12-n-plants
10-04-12-s-varnish-pattern 10-10-12-f-leaf-01 10-10-12-f-leaf-02 10-10-12-f-leaf-03 10-10-12-f-leaf-04 10-10-12-f-leaf-05

2012 Sept 23 to 29 ~ Hi to Squeeks, Xerxes, Dorian, Nose and Simba and Your Cats too!

After sitting on the lawn for months the Kilns are back   

You may have noticed, at this point, that the weekly update has deteriorated to a bi-monthly affair with some weeks completely missing. Well that is just how it’s developed and will probably be the case in the Summer and Fall when there are less Art projects.

The kilns are back in their remodeled shed but they both need parts to replace burnt out switches and elements, all normal for kilns.

If you enlarge the picture of the Green Bug or the other one, you will see that the Nikon gives great detail in Macro. That rusty Typewriter I call "Ghost Writer" is quite a sight but neither the Sony nor the Nikon did it justice. Those Zukes are from the garden and the best year yet for them in Ontario.

11-09-12-s-ghost-writer-02 10-04-12-s-kiln-vent 10-04-12-n-kiln-installed 10-04-12-n-first-ring 10-04-12-n-both-kilns 09-26-12-s-ceiling-done
09-26-12-s-ceiling-done-01 09-26-12-nother-bug 09-19-12-n-zukes 09-19-12-n-squeeks 09-19-12-n-green-bug 09-14-12-n-bug

2012 Sept 9 to 15 ~ Hi to Monika and Emil!

Spider Cut Weenies prove to be a Hit with the Kids   

After the Summer break we are getting back into the artwork and especially the ceramics. This being our first year with Grampa’s Weekly and our 15th year with   "The Human Form"   that began in 1996 just shortly after the web went into major use. The link shows the website just as it was then but we keep it in the history dept. for safe keeping and still on the web after all these years.

Monika is so into animal print that when I saw this burnt board I just had to put a few Maple leave bits on it to spell her name. I would suggest that you use a fixer for the burnt color because the white disappears fast and you could glue the leaves down too but it’s fun to just make these things and photograph them.

That’s my old Pentax from the days before digital and it reminds of the press cameras I used as a news reporter many moon ago. David’s Hog looks and sounds cool.

09-14-12-n-sunset 09-14-12-n-geranium 09-13-12-s-beans 09-13-12-n-zuchinni-01 09-13-12-n-pentax-sony 09-12-12-n-dorian
09-03-12-n-new-floor 09-03-12-n-david-01 09-03-12-n-80-cube-hog 09-03-12-a-spider-cut-weenies 09-03-12-a-gramps-brooklynn-liz-mel 09-03-12-a-brooklynn

2012 Aug 26 to Sept 01 ~ Hi to Jason, Jamie, Brad and Emma!!

Still taking Flower pix to Compare Cameras   

These are some of the pictures of this Summer that were taken with the Nikon and Sony and they are marked "n" or "s" after the date and just before the title. Jess contributed many of the pix here in these last few weeks (marked with an "a") because there isn’t much artwork being done right now since the kiln shed is being rebuilt and refurbished for a new round of casting. So many thanks to her and the whole family for taking part.

Emma is a charmer, Mel and Brad look quizzical at the weenie roast, The succulent blossoms are very interesting, This is the best year we’ve had for Zucchini and Tomatoes, they were even red right on the vine, imagine that!

09-01-12-s-bon-fire 09-01-12-a-giant-bug 08-30-12-s-zuchinni 08-30-12-s-snap-dragon-02 08-30-12-s-snap-dragon-01 08-30-12-n-fuzzy-bugs-on-maple
08-30-12-a-mel 08-29-12-a-weeny-roast 08-29-12-a-no-comment 08-29-12-a-family-time 08-28-12-s-suculent-04 08-28-12-s-suculent-03

Weeks previous to those below are placed in Grampa’s Features with most recent being   Six   Five   Four   Three   Two   and   One   when the weekly began.

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