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June 17 to 24 2010 ~ One Coat of Boiled Linseed Oil and Three Coats of Spar Varnish

Welcome to Wood Kayak Gallery Two ~ Boat made ready for Canvas covering ~ Click Pix to Enlarge ~ Best on Wide Screen ~ Press F11 ~ Hold mouse over pix for title.

You will notice in some of the close ups there is still some black discoloration but the wood that is left is still quite sound and the black adds to the character. Originally the boat was made using wood that had many knots and some black color here and there and that is a prized quality to my mind. Also there is even a red discoloration that is known as "Spruce Milk Rot" and you can see some of it on the fore deck. This is filled with linseed oil and also prized in my woodwork. The boat was designed to remind one of the old Baidarka’s but not be nearly as tippy. It is wider and flatter bottomed so that it’s comfortable to sit in and very stable in waves. The hatch in back doubles as a place for a child to sit or a trunk space.

06-24-10-touchup-required 06-24-10-steel-wool-varnisn-inside 06-24-10-ooo-eee-awe 06-24-10-more-varnish 06-24-10-more-ooo-eee-awe 06-24-10-measuring-canvas
06-24-10-lots-of-character 06-24-10-last-inspection 06-24-10-last-coat 06-24-10-final-prep-for-canvas 06-24-10-canvas-pattern 06-24-10-bottom-on
06-24-10-break-to-plant-garden-03 06-24-10-break-to-plant-garden-02 06-24-10-break-to-plant-garden-01 06-17-10-varnish-nice 06-17-10-varnish-everything 06-17-10-old-baidarkas-08

June 05 to 17 2010 ~ Inspecting Old Baidarka’s and a Lazer Sailboat

This type of Kayak (shown below) was made by the Eskimo’s and uses no screws, nails or glue. It’s all tied with rawhide, ribs made of saplings and covered with a sewn on skin made of one piece of canvas, previously seal skin was used, I think. It’s a real shame that they were left to the elements but I include them here to show where the design for the bowsprit came from on Mini. It is unknown if it had a purpose or at least what it was. On Mini it acts as a fender to keep swimmers from getting speared with the pointy bow. These boats are not mine and I won’t be working on them.

06-17-10-old-baidarkas-07 06-17-10-old-baidarkas-06 06-17-10-old-baidarkas-05 06-17-10-old-baidarkas-04 06-17-10-old-baidarkas-03 06-17-10-old-baidarkas-02
06-17-10-old-baidarkas-01 06-17-10-checking-new-project-lazer-04 06-17-10-checking-new-project-lazer-03 06-17-10-checking-new-project-lazer-02 06-17-10-checking-new-project-lazer-01 06-15-10-varnish-tattoo
06-15-10-varnish-fittings 06-15-10-spar-varnish-looking-good 06-15-10-3-coats-varnish 06-12-10-testing-grain-with-oil 06-12-10-rasping-under-deck-edges 06-12-10-nasty-looking-repair-01
06-12-10-finished-deck-beams 06-12-10-better-looking-repair 06-11-10-rasping-deck-beams 06-11-10-dorian-likes-boat 06-05-10-prep-new-keel 06-05-10-it's-raining-out

May 29 to June 05 2010 ~ Mini-Yacht gets a Tattoo

A Spruce bug landed on the mid deck and eyeballed the boat as if it was a great big spruce sandwich. They don’t call them spruce bugs for nothing, if given enough time he really could eat the boat. It rained for several days so we had retreat into the garage. The fabric tested below was planned for the deck to be used with clear vinyl but went out of shape with water and lost it’s tension so it could not be used. A waterproof foam type glue was used in some cases where there were gaps to be filled. Once dry it must be scraped smooth and then varnished.

06-05-10-gluing-new-transom-header 06-04-10-rainout 06-04-10-inside-stern 06-04-10-in-garage-clamping-stern 06-03-10-looking-better 06-04-10-after-sanding
06-02-10-applying-tattoo-01 06-02-10-applying-tattoo-02 06-03-10-applying-tattoo-03 06-03-10-applying-tattoo-04 06-04-10-applying-tattoo-05 06-03-10-bulldog-foam-glue
06-02-10-stop-working 05-31-10-wedging-rear-deck 05-31-10-water-test-fabric-fail 05-31-10-water-test-fabric-02 05-31-10-water-test-fabric-01 05-31-10-test-fabric-01
05-31-10-repair-hatch-02 05-31-10-oak-hatch-clamps 05-31-10-new-spruce 05-29-10-spruce-bug 05-29-10-spruce-bug-likes-spruce 05-29-10-repair-hatch-01

May 22 to 25 2010 ~ Installing Floatation Foam in Cavities

One of the main problems that the Kayak had before; was leakage into the front and rear cavities. Foam not only seals these areas off but it gives the wood more strength from inside, although it adds a bit of weight. The name Mini-Yacht was invented and even a slogan came up "All the same Problems on a Smaller Scale" which refers to the difficulty of maintaining wood decking, fittings made of Oak and a small sailing rig that is just like a big boat only with less square inches all around.

05-25-10-rear-foam-plug-02 05-25-10-rear-foam-plug-01 05-25-10-bow-foam-plug-04 05-25-10-bow-foam-plug-03 05-25-10-bow-foam-plug-02 05-25-10-bow-foam-plug-01
05-24-10-working-late 05-24-10-wedging-deck-crack 05-24-10-still-working-past-midnight 05-24-10-replacing-bowsprit 05-24-10-naming-mini-yacht 05-24-10-left-side
05-24-10-dowelpin-bowsprit 05-24-10-bringing-out-grain 05-24-10-applying-linseed-oil 05-23-10-sawcut-long-deck-crack 05-23-10-new-hatch-seat 05-22-10-trial-fit-rig-04

May 18 to 22 2010 ~ Much Testing and Trial Fitting

With the new bow cheeks finished it is now time to test the rigging for the small sail that I’m experimenting with.

05-22-10-trial-fit-rig-03 05-22-10-screws-temporary 05-22-10-raising-bow-keelson 05-21-10-trial-fit-rig-02 05-21-10-trial-fit-rig-01 05-21-10-testing-material-pattern-05
05-21-10-testing-material-pattern-04 05-21-10-testing-material-pattern-03 05-21-10-testing-material-pattern-02 05-21-10-testing-material-pattern-01 05-21-10-test-fitting-mast-step 05-19-10-testing-vinyl
05-19-10-refinish-fittings 05-19-10-installing-rudder-pedals 05-18-10-resurfacing-deck 05-18-10-old-fart

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