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May 15 to 18 2010 ~ Repairing a partially rotted Wood Kayak called Mini-Yacht

Welcome to Wood Kayak Gallery Three ~ Removing Wood Rot ~ Click Pix to Enlarge ~ Best on Wide Screen ~ Press F11 ~ Hold mouse over pix for title.

Many Galleries begin with "Most Recent First" so the actual beginning of the work begins at the bottom of the page. When this work started it was tough to imagine just how the boat could be fixed. It was so disappointing that there isn’t even one picture of the boat with the blackened canvas on it before I started to remove it. Galleries Two and Three are much nicer to look at.

05-18-10-working-on-tail 05-18-10-view-to-stern 05-18-10-view-to-bow 05-18-10-right-bow 05-18-10-much-discoleration 05-18-10-looks-better
05-18-10-left-bow 05-18-10-grampa-self-portrait 05-17-10-tape-clamping-trick 05-17-10-sanding-new-bow 05-17-10-right-side 05-17-10-repair-combing
05-17-10-bow-deck 05-16-10-wedging-seam 05-16-10-water-activated-glue 05-16-10-trial-fit-bowsprit 05-16-10-spruce-stock 05-16-10-sawing-out-bad-seams
05-16-10-sanding-shape 05-16-10-sanding-seam 05-16-10-regluing-stern 05-16-10-prepare-new-keel 05-16-10-looks-better-cut 05-16-10-hole-saw-lightening
05-16-10-foam-glue 05-16-10-fitting-spruce 05-16-10-cutting-in-bow 05-16-10-clamped 05-16-10-bow-fillers 05-15-10-wedge-repair

May 09 to 15 2010 ~ A solution is found for the Rotting Bow sections

You will notice my cats and other things popping up in these galleries and this one is ’Nozer’ who used to be called ’Sox’ at one time, and earlier than that, ’Slash’. He always jumps up and gets right under my chin and demands attention. The lower bow was so bad that it had to be cut away and repaired with cheeks or bow plates made of spruce. The original deck was saved and reinforced with a sub-deck made of found wood, Oak to be precise.

05-15-10-shaped 05-15-10-pet-me-now 05-15-10-oak-stock 05-15-10-noze-in-profile 05-15-10-new-bow-plates 05-15-10-gluing-deck
05-15-10-deck-stock 05-15-10-clamping-deck-laminate 05-11-10-building-rudder-mount-17 05-10-10-wedging-new-wood 05-10-10-much-cleaning-req 05-10-10-drop-rudder
05-10-10-building-rudder-mount-16 05-10-10-building-rudder-mount-15 05-10-10-building-rudder-mount-14 05-10-10-bow-cut-away-02 05-10-10-bow-cut-away-01 05-09-10-building-rudder-mount-13
05-09-10-building-rudder-mount-12 05-09-10-building-rudder-mount-11 05-09-10-building-rudder-mount-10 05-09-10-building-rudder-mount-09 05-09-10-building-rudder-mount-08 05-09-10-building-rudder-mount-07

April 08 to May 08 2010 ~ The Frustrating Task of Revealing the Tricky Repairs is well Underway

The Rudder mount is one of the things that present a special problem. It must incorporate a drainage plug that was made of an aluminum flashlight end, must be removable and have a brass or copper bearing and be watertight. It is used to hold the retractable rudder, shown above and made of a variety of composites, metal, fiberglass, epoxy and filler, then painted with wrinklecoat.

05-08-10-epoxy-tube 05-08-10-building-rudder-mount-06 05-08-10-building-rudder-mount-05 05-08-10-building-rudder-mount-04 05-08-10-building-rudder-mount-03 05-08-10-building-rudder-mount-02
05-07-10-toothless-bow 05-07-10-stripping-hatch-02 05-07-10-stripping-hatch-01 05-07-10-stern-repair-02 05-07-10-stern-repair-01 05-07-10-sanding-ribs
05-07-10-rudder-tube 05-07-10-looking better 05-07-10-drainage 05-07-10-cowl-strip 05-07-10-building-rudder-mount-01 04-18-10-rudder-repair
04-17-10-sawcuts 04-17-10-sand-strip-remove 04-17-10-rear-gutted 04-17-10-leave-some-keelson 04-08-10-revealing-worse 04-08-10-remove-keelson

April 07 to 08 2010 ~ Beginning Summer Work Outside

The Kayak called Mini-Yacht was built many years ago and that gallery is shown as a link above. It has never had a decent boathouse and has suffered the elements to the point that it must either be replaced or burnt and it’s just too beautiful to chuck away, not to mention all the good times we have had using it on Lake Superior in the surf and also as a sea kayak out in the deep water.

04-08-10-rear-keelson 04-08-10-really-nasty 04-08-10-left-side 04-08-10-black-rot 04-08-10-bad-discoleration 04-07-2010-assess-damage
04-07-10-remove-rot-17 04-07-10-remove-rot-16 04-07-10-remove-rot-15 04-07-10-remove-rot-14 04-07-10-remove-rot-13 04-07-10-remove-rot-12
04-07-10-remove-rot-11 04-07-10-remove-rot-09 04-07-10-remove-rot-08 04-07-10-remove-rot-07 04-07-10-remove-rot-06 04-07-10-remove-rot-05
04-07-10-remove-rot-04 04-07-10-remove-rot-03 04-07-10-remove-rot-02 04-07-10-remove-rot-01

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