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Weeks previous to those below are placed in Grampa’s Features with most recent being   Six   Five   Four   Three   Two   and   One   when the weekly began.

The Features are;   Ruby’s Art Galleries   Click Thumbs to View Galleries, and    Motorcycle and Auto Galleries   of interest to Boys   The Original Kayak Gallery   The Wood Bow Gallery   Radio Control Wood Car   Ice Boat Gallery   and Corsair Radio Control plane, Short Movies coming soon.

2011 December 22 to 28 ~ Hi Tara! ~ Hi Mist! ~ see requested Camp pix at bottom of Archive Two

The First Update Completed    
Grampa's Easy Chair

This is the first update since Grampa’s opened and naturally it’s a couple of days late but there is lots of new things to see. It took all week to build the new Kayak and Kawasaki galleries so there was little done in the way of new sculpture. The Fairy REO figure has been distributed to about 10 people for the Christmas season including the Lady that commissioned it (Trudy) and we have yet to see it fired and glazed. The Beach Kids are being cast for the second time since the base collapsed and destroyed the figures. This is to be expected with experimental ceramic art. There are an abundance of Base pictures because they are so unusual to look at and I seldom worry about repeating a picture several times from different angles if they look artistic.

The whole place (Grampa’s Studio) is due for a facelift this winter with a brand new laminated floor to make it warmer and much easier to clean. Grampa is way to busy making stuff and needs to employ some trick for keeping the place respectable.

12-27-11-base-07 12-27-11-base-08 12-27-11-base-09 12-27-11-base-10 12-27-11-fav-sunset-04 12-27-11-grandma-dee-dee
12-27-11-nose-beast 12-27-11-reflection01 12-27-11-reflection02 12-27-11-reflection03 12-27-11-restful 12-27-11-time-for-cleanup

2011 December 18 to 24

The new REO Fairy figure and it’s original in Plaster of Paris   

This is Christmas Day 2011 and marks the beginning of Grampa’s Weekly picture post. There is a lot going on right now what with the rebuilding of the lost gallery molds that were damaged in a fire years ago. There is an entire alphabet of clay figures that will be remolded, fired and glazed. The new Kayak pictures from last year and the new Motorcycle Customizing pix from this summer have all been debuted here.

Current projects are the REO figure, at right and the Beach Kids and it’s complicated base which has already collapsed, shown below.

12-24-11-strap-tape 12-24-11-prepare-to-pour 12-24-11-prepare-to-pour2 12-27-11-base-01 12-27-11-base-04 12-27-11-base-05
12-24-11-pouring-2nd-try 12-24-11-patching-cracks 12-23-11-snowfall 12-23-11-garage 12-23-11-chevy-lotus 12-20-11-total-colapse
12-20-11-study-in-texture-yellow 12-20-11-studio-at-night 12-20-11-disaster 12-20-11-base-released3 12-20-11-artsy-sunset2 12-19-11-what-is-it
12-19-11-top-of-base 12-19-11-self-portrait 12-19-11-reo-with-base 12-19-11-reo-fairy 12-19-11-reo-fairy-on-base 12-19-11-large-whatisit
Of Interest to Boys ~ Motorcycle Customizing and Chopping     Kayak Repair     Iceboat (Coming Soon)     Model Planes Etc (Coming Soon)
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The first full summer of customizing a Kawasaki 550 is on record. Chopped Front and Rear Forks, Custom Fiberglass Gas Tank, Handmade Ceramic Tail Lights, all honeycomb design.

The Galleries available today are    Kawi One    and    Kawi Two    and    Kawi Three    Others will be posted soon. Kayak Galleries are up.

12-19-11-clay-castings 12-19-11-beach-kids 12-19-11-beach-kids-base 12-19-11-base-molds 12-19-11-base-drying 12-18-11-wade-reaching
12-18-11-simba-looks-stern 12-18-11-reo-casts 12-18-11-release-mold 12-18-11-mold-filled 12-18-11-mess-of-molds 12-18-11-gulls

December 11 to 17

Placing the mold-tracking on Trivet below is very interesting. This was originally designed to be the ultra-modern style and as strong as possible and it worked admirably as a holder of convex trays on the top or inverted. Shown is an already fired and bronze-glazed piece that is being used to replace a fire-lost mold. The plaster mold broke the piece into three since plaster of paris expands slightly when it hardens. As the Weeks pass the new pictures are added to the top of this page and older Galleries are Archived and linked when there is too many. Some pix are just fun shots and demonstrate the need for a new camera.

12-18-11-base-in-clay 12-12-11-tracking-trivet 12-13-11-mixing-slip 12-13-11-straining-slip 12-13-11-straining-slip2 12-16-11-gulls-berg
12-12-11-reo-poured 12-12-11-1st-piece 12-12-11-assembly 12-12-11-assembly2 12-12-11-boxing-trivet 12-12-11-drying-molds
12-11-11-first-reo 12-11-11-recycle-master 12-11-11-tracking-for-mold 12-12-11-arms-poured 12-12-11-baking-molds 12-12-11-clamped

December 04 to 10

This is the beginning of a series that mostly show the creation of the REO Fairy figure (named after Ruby Ethel Owen and referred to as "Ruby Ethel") the molding process including the actual casting of the mold sections. This is an interpretation of an old plaster casting that came from Europe. Occasionally other pictures, such as gulls or cats will show up. Email Grampa about any bad links, Please. Also I would like to hear any comments that you may have.

12-10-11-last-min-retouch 12-09-11-building-dam 12-10-11-easy-side-dam 12-10-11-filling-dam 12-10-11-front-completed 12-10-11-front-over-wedge
12-08-11-wedge-poured 12-08-11-plaster-original 12-08-11-reo-and-original 12-08-11-soap-parting 12-08-11-triming-wedge 12-08-11-wedge-pocket
12-08-11-messy-workspace 12-08-11-attitude-for-front 12-08-11-back-plus-wedge 12-08-11-back-poured 12-08-11-both 12-08-11-buildup-for-wedge
12-08-11-adjusted-attitude 12-08-11-arms-removed

2012 Jan 29 to Feb 04 ~ Hi Jamie and Jason!

Teapot with Interesting Glaze    Ice Boat Page   

This Teapot was hand built with molded slabs in a relaxed style and long spout, made last spring but never shown. A freeform checkerboard pattern was painted on with one-stroke black, covered with a crystal glaze that had mossy patches. It just happened to come out of the kiln on Monika’s Birthday and she liked it so much that I never even got to make tea with it. I’ll make another this year to demonstrate the slab technique. The boxes were completed but the first one fell out of the mold by accident. The Trivets turned out nice and the air inlet (shown previously) works on the molding process. Grampa is shown squeezing Balsam Tar out of the bark that is used for treating dry skin, and sitting on the ancient Ski Doo that still runs great. Also a Bald Eagle dropped in and gave me a nasty look as I photographed him.

Mike Madge had a few good runs with his DN (Detroit News) Ice Boat but unfortunately the ice just went away yesterday so that just might be it for this year. Click   Ice Boat    for more pix. You can see he has a passenger in a long shot below, uses my Aluminum Giant Bicycle to reconnoiter the ice, He and the boat look Great! ...and so does that bike.

01-29-12-box-molds-ready 01-29-12-one-got-crunched 01-30-12-boxes 01-30-12-trimming-lid 01-30-12-trivet-stack 02-03-12-mike-checking-run
02-03-12-mike-with-my-giant 02-05-12-prep 02-05-12-sail-down 02-05-12-two-up 03-01-11-teapot-5 03-01-11-teapot-11

Family Outing ~ Hi Emma and Brad!

In order to show that poor old grampa really does have a life besides making things out of clay and fixing bikes, below are pictures of a ’San Moritz’ day at the beach, Sunday the fifth which is actually the next week but "What the Hey" and if Jason and Jamie are looking in, Thanks Jamie for the pix and J, why don’t you check out the repair job (digital) that was done on your sled   Pictured Here   and the way that it was   Busted Cowl   pictured here. Fantastic Day!

02-05-12-ancient-ski-doo 02-05-12-bradly 02-05-12-seleena-brad 02-05-12-emma 02-05-12-emma-theres-daddy 02-05-12-grampa
02-05-12-gramps-on-giant 02-05-12-jason-seleena-brad 02-05-12-jason-emma-ross 02-05-12-jason-plus-tongue 02-05-12-old-man-on-snow-dunes 02-05-12-sleddin
02-05-12-tj-cherie 02-05-12-tj-on-jasons-ext 02-03-12-gramps-old-sled 02-03-12-gathering-balsam-sap 02-03-12-old-sled 12-12-10-eagle-1

2012 Jan 22 to 28 ~ Hi Ruby and Gabe!

Making a Ceramic Box Mold and New Updated    Ice Boat Page   

The first three thumbnails below are from this time last year when the ice on Lake Superior was right for Ice Boating. A local teacher, Mike Madge and some friends from the States began using the area for this fascinating and exhilarating sport. These things can do a hundred miles an hour! Click   Ice Boat   to see more pictures and Update today. Click on the thumbs mentioned to see a hail storm that happened at the time and two short clips of Mike cruising by. We apologize for the poor quality and promise to improve our mini movies, soon, when Grampa gets a new camera.

After repairing the Sandy figure and also the box lid it was decided to make a detailed picture study on the preparation and procedure for making a mold from the mastered box pieces. The mock-up is never saved when a mold is cast and you can see the complex structure of it below as it is removed. I call the surfaces that join a mold together the "Tracks" and the dimples that locate them the "Ties" just like a Railroad. Some of my clay looks like ’Marble’ cheese, darker has more organics. All three mold sections broke their dams and spilled all over the place while I scrambled to find anything to shore them up. "Slips Happen" Next week is casting of the boxes and a Teapot made this time last year showing a fancy underglaze technique.

04-06-april-hail 03-27-madge-ski-lift 03-27-12-madge-lake-superior 01-28-12-mock-up-structure 01-28-12-chasing-box-mold-21 01-28-12-box-mold-knob
01-28-12-box-mold-knob-mold 01-27-12-slacking-plaster 01-27-12-feb-blahs 01-27-12-box-mold-track 01-27-12-box-mold-tracking 01-27-12-box-mold-parting
01-27-12-box-mold-cutting-ties 01-27-12-box-mold-cleaning-reclaim 01-27-12-box-mold-2nd-section-dam 01-27-12-box-mold-1st-half-pour 01-26-12-rolling-tracking-clay 01-26-12-drying-for-floor-repair
01-26-12-dancing-bigbutts 01-26-12-box-mold-pouring-lid-mold 01-26-12-box-mold-plug-ready 01-26-12-box-mold-parting-lid 01-26-12-box-mold-mastering-clay 01-29-12-jiggling-snow-melt

2012 Jan 15 to 21 ~ Hi Ruby and Gabe!

Six Week Anniversary at Grampa’s Weekly Post   

A Celebration this week at Grampa’s Weekly since it’s up and running full bore, all updated and linked. Moni’s page is fully functional. This page space was donated to Clayarts by Monika and I thank her for that. Clay class was last Wednesday and the new box and Sandy were the projects. I had no sooner returned home and set the pieces on a folding table when that interloper cat tore through the house again, in about two seconds, folding up the leg on the table and smashing the work all to xyz. That is to be expected with delicate things and I’m certainly entitled to some bad luck now and then. Both have been repaired and as a bonus, the Sandy figure has benefitted from the mishap because of the recast. The trivet had to have a drain installed as it vacuumed while emptying and sucked the side in each time it was poured. Notice I store the projects up high now.

Oh Yeah, I almost forgot. If you were expecting to see a new floor.. well Mother Nature put the kybosh on that for now since the floor has to be installed in warmer weather. The furniture is upset because the floor is being prepared for the Allure. I can hardly wait!

01-22-12-fettling-seams 01-22-12-crosshatch-for-slip 01-22-12-broken-box-lid 01-22-12-both-repaired 01-22-12-assembling-sandy 01-21-12-trivet-cast
01-21-12-sandy-limbs 01-21-12-sandy-head 01-21-12-pour-trivet-sandy 01-20-12-trivet-drain 01-19-12-upset-furniture 01-19-12-storing-projects
01-19-12-moire-cloth-02 01-19-12-moire-cloth-01 01-19-12-hand-washed-slacks 01-19-12-frost 01-19-12-dorian 01-19-12-cat-damage-again

2012 Jan 08 to 14 ~ Hi Tara! ~ Hi Misty! ~

Fantastic new Cook Stove   

This is one of those weeks when very little was done with clay, mostly sorting and putting away in preparation for the new floor which is the floating laminate type that is waterproof. Jason brought an old Elmira stove that we cleaned up and converted to a cooktop type by removing the firebrick and reburner inside. The place is much warmer with this stove and it uses much less wood, as well. Many thanks to Jason and Jamie for this stove. A male cat followed one of my females in through the cat door at night and when I got up to see what all the commotion was about the cat ran up and down the front window sash several times knocking many of the plants over. He couldn’t remember how he got in, so I threw the doors open wide and he bolted. Clay class begins next week and the project will be the decorative box shown below as a mockup for replacing the mold that was so popular years ago. The pix showing the mess that the studio has become are the ’before’ pictures to the next set where the floor is fixed so that it can be cleaned easily.

01-14-12-testing-cooking-top 01-13-12-repairing-floor 01-13-12-proposed-new-tile-area 01-12-12-misti-mold-after-repair 01-11-12-major-facelift-needed-07 01-11-12-major-facelift-needed-06
01-11-12-major-facelift-needed-05 01-11-12-major-facelift-needed-04 01-11-12-major-facelift-needed-03 01-11-12-major-facelift-needed-02 01-11-12-major-facelift-needed-01 01-10-12-derringers
01-10-12-cutting-figures-into-base 01-15-12-cat-fight-damage 01-08-12-box-mockup-02 01-08-12-box-mockup-01 01-07-12-accidental-tree-02 01-07-12-accidental-tree-01
Visit Wood Kayak or Kawi Galleries One to Three using New Buttons above    
Visit Wood Kayak Gallery One

Have you ever wondered what kind of a boat you could make out of found wood including Spruce, Pine, Oak, Ash and Fir? Probably not, but we’ll show you anyway. Free wood is everywhere, including old pallets made of Oak, door frames made of Douglas Fir, Bowling alley wood made of Ash, old wood siding made of Spruce and Pine and a lowly 2" by 4" washed up on the beach made of clear Pine. All must be sawn and planed (with a power plane) assembled with glue into one complete laminated boat called Mini-Yacht, Oiled and Varnished, covered with Canvas and fitted with a small mast and sail. Pictures of the    Original Kayak Construction   showing how it was being transformed into a Trimaran are found here. The idea was abandoned but the pix remain and there is another gallery coming up showing it’s original build on video. Stay tuned.

How you would repair a wood Kayak that has developed a considerable amount of wood rot? Well that is the subject of the   New Galleries   found at Grampa’s.

2012 Jan 01 to 07

There is something that drives people to do art but I can’t really say what it is. It’s fun and that’s all that matters. The Beach Kids are Sandy on the left, who is sometimes called Jason because of the resemblance to my step son, Quilla who is named after a feather that landed near her mother when she was born and Wade who is actually an Orphan, adopted by the brother and sister; Sandy and Quilla as their friend. He is throwing sand and they are saying in unison "Don’t throw sand!" In Art you can make up anything.

01-07-12-beach-kids-new-casting03 01-07-12-beach-kids-new-casting02 01-07-12-beach-kids-new-casting01 01-04-12-tug-and-wade
01-04-12-sunset 01-03-12-turbulent-lake-superior 01-03-12-front-of-camp 01-03-12-floral-beach 01-03-12-back-of-camp-gramp 01-03-12-attach-hat
01-01-12-arms-and-legs-mold 01-01-12-arms-and-legs 01-01-12-fettling-sprue 01-01-12-hat-mold 01-01-12-pouring-hat-mold-01 01-01-12-pouring-hat-mold-02
12-31-11-all-of-beach-kids-molds-01 12-31-11-all-of-beach-kids-molds-02 12-31-11-all-reo-fairy-molds-01 12-31-11-all-reo-fairy-molds-02 12-31-11-base-01 12-31-11-base-02
12-31-11-base-03 12-31-11-beach-kids-molds 12-31-11-dorian 12-31-11-pouring-beach-kids 12-31-11-wetting-fairy-molds 12-27-11-base-06

Weeks previous to those below are placed in Grampa’s Features with most recent being   Six   Five   Four   Three   Two   and   One   when the weekly began.

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