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2011 June 27 to End of Year ~ Kawasaki Custom Gallery One ~ 81 pix, Hi Gabe!

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You’d think this thing would be done by now but.. Nooo..! Just not happening. It is fun though, and quite a challenge since everything seems to go wrong but works out in the end. Biggest problem is the Bike just won’t start unless you warm it up with a torch. I can just see myself in the parking lot of say, Robins Donuts with my hot custom bike and have to get out the old blow torch just to get the bike to fire up. No, that just ain’t gonna happen. The bike has to start and that’s the topic of Gallery four when the Spring is here.

06-27-11-molding-front-fender3 06-27-11-molding-front-fender4 06-29-11-molding-front-fender5 06-29-11-molding-front-fender6 06-30-11-the-whole-enchelada 07-03-11-dreamcycle
07-03-11-tank-flares01 07-03-11-tank-flares02 07-05-11-tank-flares03 07-05-11-tank-flares04 07-05-11-tank-flares05 07-06-11-cutting-stainless01
07-06-11-cutting-stainless02 07-06-11-cutting-stainless03 07-10-11-cutting-stainless04 07-10-11-cutting-stainless05 07-10-11-cutting-stainless06 07-10-11-cutting-stainless07
07-10-11-cutting-stainless08 07-10-11-cutting-stainless09 07-10-11-cutting-stainless10 07-12-11-cutting-stainless-strips 07-12-11-tank-flares06 07-12-11-tank-flares07
07-12-11-tank-flares08 07-14-11-fiberglass-fender-tip 07-25-11-fender-mount 07-25-11-tapping-fender-mount 07-26-11-attaching-fender-mount 07-26-11-drilling-mount

2011 July 26 to Aug 28, Making a Fiberglass Gas Tank and Mold

After I made the honeycomb on this month long project gas tank I began to wonder what they were. Look on most gas tanks and see where the honeycomb is.. Nope.. Just ain’t there. Soo just what was that thing? I began to realize that I really had no clue as to what the little hexagon bumps on the back of the gas tank represented or for that matter .. What the heck were they?

07-26-11-front-fender-mount 08-07-11-tank-flares09 08-07-11-tank-flares10 08-07-11-tank-flares11 08-12-11-gramp-emma-jason-brad 08-12-11-gramp-emma-jason
08-12-11-santana-box 08-12-11-tank-flares12 08-14-11-tank-flares13 08-19-11-making-light-panel01 08-19-11-making-light-panel02 08-19-11-making-light-panel03
08-19-11-making-light-panel04 08-19-11-tank-flares14 08-19-11-tank-flares15 08-20-11-making-light-panel05 08-20-11-making-light-panel06 08-20-11-making-light-panel07
08-20-11-making-light-panel08 08-27-11-molding-tank01 08-27-11-molding-tank02 08-27-11-tank-flares16 08-27-11-tank-flares19 08-28-11-molding-tank01

2011 Aug 28 to Sept 17, Finishing Mold and Laminating Gas Tank

A light show!! that’s what the bumps could be.. if only there was a light panel that looked like the bumps.. Well here we go again. That decision only meant that I would have to cast the bumps into a panel that was translucent, leave enough room under the panel for a light show in led’s, cut a recess that is under the panel and body it in making it fit precisely to the lid and then construct some sort of fastener for the door and also make the electric light show connect to switches and a battery.. Don’t ever try this at home! Well that’s it for this year. Next Spring or perhaps even sooner the motor will be taken out of the frame and both painted and customized. It’s Mid September so time to do the maintenance around the camp and garage. Luv You All, See You Soon!

08-28-11-molding-tank03 08-28-11-molding-tank04 08-29-11-molding-tank02 08-29-11-molding-tank03 08-29-11-molding-tank04 08-29-11-wax-molding-tank
09-03-11-molding-tank 09-03-11-opening-mold01 09-03-11-opening-mold02 09-04-11-opening-mold04 09-06-11-filler-and-tap-mounts 09-06-11-finning-inserts
09-06-11-preping-mold 09-07-11-fiberglassing-mold01 09-07-11-fiberglassing-mold02 09-08-11-clamping-mold01 09-08-11-clamping-mold02 09-08-11-fiberglassing-mold03
09-08-11-fiberglassing-mold04 09-09-11-new-tank01 09-09-11-new-tank02 09-15-11-old-man-and-garden 09-17-11-new-tank03 10-23-11-pink-water
10-23-11-sunset01 10-23-11-sunset02 10-23-11-sunset03

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