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2014 Oct 12 to Nov 13 ~ Hi to Sherry, David, Jules and Blake!

Weeks previous to those below are placed in Grampa’s Features with most recent being   Six   Five   Four   Three   Two   and   One   when the weekly began.

The Features are;   Ruby’s Art Galleries   Click Thumbs to View Galleries, and    Motorcycle and Auto Galleries   of interest to Boys   The Original Kayak Gallery   The Wood Bow Gallery   Radio Control Wood Car   Ice Boat Gallery   and Corsair Radio Control plane, Short Movies coming soon.

Altering the Frame of RC10 GT/SC with Reinforcements    ~    And Featuring the Mayes Mansion Winter Build   

Earlier the GT was stretched to an SC (Short Course) and now it’s being strengthened with a seven layer fiberglass laminate. Now it fits my Rat Rod Sedan Delivery body and should do better on the track.

The white ball below would be impossible to carve but can now be made with a 3D printer. This is a web find and not my pix.

As usual Dorian (Cat) gives me a discerning eye as I make my specialty Yorkshire Pudding with Bacon in the trays first. 1/3 egg, 1/3 milk, 1/3 flour, salt, pepper, cayenne and lots of Parmesan Cheese.

My neighbour David and Sherry’s camp is fast becoming a mansion and I think they may be tempted to move here when it’s done.

011-10-14-3d-printer 10-12-14-n-reinforcing-gt-01 10-17-14-n-reinforcing-gt-02 10-17-14-n-reinforcing-gt-03 10-17-14-n-reinforcing-gt-04 10-21-14-n-reinforcing-gt-05
10-21-14-n-reinforcing-gt-06 10-21-14-n-reinforcing-gt-07 10-21-14-n-reinforcing-gt-08 10-25-14-n-updating-camp-05 10-27-14-n-dorian-04 09-30-14-s-yorkshire-pudding
10-21-14-n-mayes-01 10-25-14-n-mayes-02 11-03-14-n-mayes-03 11-04-14-n-mayes-04 11-04-14-n-mayes-05 11-05-14-n-mayes-06
11-05-14-n-mayes-07 11-06-14-s-mayes-08 11-06-14-s-mayes-09 11-06-14-s-mayes-10 11-06-14-s-mayes-11 11-07-14-s-mayes-12

2014 Sept 24 to Oct 11 ~ Hi to My Buddy Billy and His Grandma Kaitlan!

Fixin’ the House    ~    And Stretching the GT Frame   

After having a 2 year hiatus on house maintenance I finally got to regrind the whole building and put on four coats of spar varnish. Actually the winter closed in and I still have the front to do as well as some white trim but the deep red look of the wood is worth the wait.

Bill Stern (The Kawasaki Kid), a long time racer on the US Dirt Track circles (Canadian too) gave me this, mostly alloy, RC10 GT and got himself a new Associated SC10 GT to race on our track. So I’ve upgraded to a longer wheelbase and did it with my trusty pop rivet gun and beloved fiberglass. I may now be a match for his skill and reaction times, but I doubt it. Aww Hell I,ll kick his ass with this thing.

09-24-14-s-updating-camp-01 10-02-14-s-drying-finish-02 10-02-14-s-updating-camp-03 10-03-14-s-updating-camp-04 10-03-14-s-updating-camp-05 10-09-14-n-lengthening-frame-01
10-09-14-n-lengthening-frame-02 10-10-14-n-lengthening-frame-03 10-10-14-n-lengthening-frame-04 10-10-14-n-lengthening-frame-05 10-11-14-n-lengthening-frame-05a 10-11-14-n-lengthening-frame-06
10-11-14-n-lengthening-frame-07 10-11-14-n-lengthening-frame-09 10-11-14-n-lengthening-frame-10 10-11-14-n-lengthening-frame-11 10-11-14-n-lengthening-frame-12 10-11-14-n-lengthening-frame-14
10-11-14-n-lengthening-frame-15 10-11-14-n-lengthening-frame-16 10-11-14-n-lengthening-frame-17 10-11-14-n-lengthening-frame-18 10-12-14-n-lengthening-frame-19 10-25-14-n-jetty

2014 Aug 17 to Sept 23 ~ Hi to Everyone that tried to grow a Garden this year and Struck Out!

This is the beginning of a Very Special SC10 Body Build   

I’m beginning to think my garden is jinxed. Last year, not one Zucchini, and this year the chipmunk (The one that I have been feeding) ate all the peas I planted, twice, and then all the corn, right in front of me, by digging up the seeds. He’s lucky I have a odd sense of humor. At the last minute I chucked in some Hymenocallis bulbs and he didn’t bother with them. (They are the white flowers below). Maybe it’s time for a Greenhouse with no entrance for chipmunks.

Most RC bodies are made of lexan which is very strong but lets the dirt pile up in the truck real bad. There is a body being designed (very slowly, I might add) to keep the dirt out and stop the body from fracturing all over the place like the lexan’s eventually do (one season). Some of the lines are displayed in wood which will become the mock up and the that will be covered with the fiberglass sheet as shown below. This sheet was used as shown above (stretching the GT) and is now a standard process for fiberglass master and part making.

08-17-14-s-garden-01 08-17-14-s-garden-02 08-17-14-s-tomatoes 08-17-14-s-gasser-03 08-23-14-s-gasser-04 08-23-14-s-arrow
09-20-14-s-sumac 09-11-14-s-stopping-dirt-01 09-11-14-s-stopping-dirt-02 09-17-14-s-stopping-dirt-03 09-17-14-s-stopping-dirt-04 10-01-14-s-stopping-dirt-05
09-22-14-s-sheet-making-01 09-22-14-s-sheet-making-02 09-22-14-s-sheet-making-03 09-22-14-s-sheet-making-05 09-22-14-s-sheet-making-06 09-23-14-s-sheet-making-07

2014 Aug 08 to Aug 16~ Hi to Jaimie, Jason, Wendy, Augie and the Kids!

Two Kids later they Finally get Married!    ~    And Featuring the Dollar Store Bamboo Organizer Project that actually cost 80 bucks   

Jason just ain’t quite that "Country" but pretty close. Jaimie and He both like country music but J’s bowlegged lineup pix is a joke on us and he pulls it off! This was a outdoor Wedding and Just Fantastic! as weddings go, thanks to Wendy and Augie for the work they put into it and everybody else for showing up.

Both Bamboo chopsticks and breadboards were used in this organizer which is to replace all those annoying little drawers that occur in the other type of organizer. It was very easy and a lot of fun to drill it out and screw it together. Later the screws are replaced with bamboo tapered dowels (ie. chopsticks). I had the idea I was getting away very cheap on this one since all the material came from the Dollar Store but it all added up, in the end, to about $80 banditos. Damn!

08-16-14-jaimie-jason-wedding-01 08-16-14-jaimie-jason-wedding-02 08-16-14-jaimie-jason-wedding-03 08-16-14-jaimie-jason-wedding-04 08-16-14-jaimie-jason-wedding-05 08-16-14-jaimie-jason-wedding-06
08-16-14-jaimie-jason-wedding-07 08-16-14-jaimie-jason-wedding-08 08-16-14-jaimie-jason-wedding-09 08-16-14-jaimie-jason-wedding-11 08-16-14-jaimie-jason-wedding-12 08-10-14-n-sherry-and-bud
08-08-14-s-unfinished-dock-01 08-16-14-n-merganzer 08-29-14-s-garage-02 08-13-14-s-sailboat-09 08-13-14-s-sailboat-10 08-12-14-s-gasser-01
08-12-14-s-gasser-02 08-29-14-s-organizer-01 08-29-14-s-organizer-02 08-30-14-s-organizer-03 08-30-14-s-organizer-04 08-30-14-s-organizer-05
08-30-14-s-organizer-06 08-31-14-s-organizer-07 08-31-14-s-organizer-08 09-01-14-s-organizer-09 09-01-14-s-organizer-10 09-02-14-s-organizer-11

2014 July 13 to Aug 07 ~ Hi to All the Beasties in this World, and My Squigger in the Next!

Well Our Pets Do Pass On, Adios my Squigger Beast   

Originally called Squeeker because of the way the pseudo-Siamese would create an internal purring scream of appreciation and joy but seldom meowed, eventually became known as Squiggs. She had to deal with astigmatism (pupil movement) which is common with the breed (ally cat slash part Siamese) and was one of the most intrepid hunters I have had in all of my Beasties (which I affectionately call them).

Those blue pix you see on this page are the Nitro Bus (RC10 GT truck) and does this thing make a noise. Ben has been waiting to drive it and all the kids warn each other when it starts "It’s Loud". Both Ben and Meric race on our track with the RC machines and are doing quite well.

Lago Superiori (Gitchi Gumi) has had it’s waters high this year and efforts have been redoubled to stem the onslaught. Some days the East beach is high and others it’s West but all is due to the Jetty that was built years ago by my buddy Pat and myself.

08-08-14-s-squiggs-mcbeast-02 08-08-14-s-squiggs-mcbeast-03 08-03-14-s-chippy-01 08-07-14-s-dorian-03 08-03-14-s-honeysuckle 08-03-14-s-hymenocalias-02
08-07-14-s-hymenocalias-03 08-04-14-s-gasser-01 08-04-14-s-gasser-02 08-07-14-s-gasser-03 08-07-14-s-gasser-04 08-07-14-s-gasser-05
07-13-14-n-pelican-plus 08-07-14-s-beach-west 08-07-14-s-breakwall-dock-01 08-07-14-s-sailboat-08 08-08-14-s-beach-east 08-08-14-s-beach-west

2014 July 07 to July 12 ~ Hi to Ben, Meric, Jen and Glen!

Neat Wheel Wells but Failing Effort    ~    Wild Turtles Live Here   

The Nurmela’s took out the Kayak and of course someone got a dunking and it was Mom having an embarrassing exit. I wish I had the pix but she got a boo-boo trying to escape.

The main project for the period was to stop the dirt from getting into the 4 by 4 SC10 which just about fills the chassis. These wheel wells were put onto the lexan body with Shoo Goo but failed to stem the constant spray from the front wheels. It’s back to the drawing board with an entirely new chassis fitting body, the beginning of which is shown above.

The Turtle shown here was sauntering along as I took some pictures, and believe me they don’t go very fast. So I went in the house to get a tripod and when I got back he had somehow scurried away in an unturtle-like fashion so I got no more pix. Check out that Eye!

07-27-14-n-ben-02 07-07-14-s-sc10-wheel-wells-01 07-07-14-s-sc10-wheel-wells-02 07-08-14-s-sc10-wheel-wells-03 07-08-14-s-sc10-wheel-wells-04 07-08-14-s-sc10-wheel-wells-05
07-08-14-s-sc10-wheel-wells-06 07-09-14-s-sc10-wheel-wells-07 07-10-14-s-sc10-wheel-wells-08 07-10-14-s-sc10-wheel-wells-09 08-08-14-s-hymenocalias-04 07-26-14-s-simba-01
07-14-14-s-sailboat-02 07-14-14-s-sailboat-03 07-14-14-s-sailboat-04 07-14-14-s-sailboat-05 07-14-14-s-sailboat-06 07-14-14-s-sailboat-07
07-26-14-s-turtle-01 07-26-14-s-turtle-02 07-26-14-s-turtle-03 07-26-14-s-turtle-04 07-26-14-s-turtle-05 08-02-14-s-hymenocalias-01

2014 Aug 06 to July 06 ~ Hi to Steve and John at My Favorite Hobby Shop, Lakehead Models!

Painting these Lexan Bodies from the Inside is a Total Gas   

There was an attempt to make an original design but I spotted a design of a griffin on a wine box and used that instead. Special lexan paints are needed for this operation and lightly sanding the clear body inside is a good idea. The colors are applied in reverse (darkest first) and masking tape applied and removed in several operations depending on the design. Lastly one or more backup colors are then applied.

Our track is a tremendous success except that the red dirt is almost impossible to clean off the tires and every thing else. The drivers stand is made of recycled lumber and painted camo. The track is called "Crazy 8 Super Speedway" and has a jump in the middle going in the normal direction to allow racers to cross the figure 8. I forgot to take a picture of the stand until after the first snow fall, so that explains that.

06-12-14-s-sc10-01 06-16-14-n-painting-sc10-01 06-17-14-n-painting-sc10-02 06-17-14-n-painting-sc10-03 06-22-14-s-sc10-03 06-22-14-s-sc10-04
06-22-14-s-track-01 06-22-14-s-track-02 09-12-14-s-track-stand 06-23-14-s-sc10-04 06-23-14-s-sc10-06 06-23-14-s-sc10-07
06-29-14-s-dorian 06-16-14-n-what-is-it-01 06-16-14-n-what-is-it-02 06-16-14-n-what-is-it-03 06-16-14-n-what-is-it-04 06-29-14-s-rain-01
06-29-14-s-rhubarb 06-29-14-s-wet-spring-01 06-30-14-s-sailboat-01 06-30-14-s-sc10-08 06-30-14-s-sc10-09 left-wing3

Weeks previous to those below are placed in Grampa’s Features with most recent being   Six   Five   Four   Three   Two   and   One   when the weekly began.

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To Read Brainworks    Click Here    for the Book Index and you can scroll down to find something that might interest you, like the topics mentioned above. Chapters Six and Eleven are even slightly funny. (No Chapters in ’Voice’ yet)

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