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2011 May 21 to June 27 ~ Kawasaki Custom Gallery Two ~ 100 pix, Hi Gabe!

This Gallery shows the latest pix at the bottom (Start at Top) ~ Click Pix to Enlarge ~ Best on Wide Screen ~ Press F11 ~ Hold mouse over pix for title.

This Bike may have magical powers in it’s design but it’s a comedy of errors on my part. Everything that could go wrong ..did! ..twice. What am I talking about? Everything went wrong at least six times. Welding the head was a disaster but I wanted to do it myself so now I’m paying the price. That is not to say that it isn’t strong because I used a new technique to ensure the strength and of course, cover up my crummy steel welds. The new technique is steel welding the joints with gas and then putting brass over them. This accomplishes a variety of things but winds up mostly giving me the rep of ’Brass Mechanic’ which in the parlance of the back yard customizer is highly derogatory. That’s nothing, wait till you hear the rest.

05-21-11-setup 05-22-11-beginning-to-weld 05-22-11-three-inch-over 05-22-11-wet-rags 05-23-11-brass-over-steel-welds 05-23-11-locate-shock-mounts
05-23-11-trial-fit 05-24-11-brake-hub 05-24-11-making-shock-mounts 05-24-11-parts-to-clean 05-24-11-rear-wheel 05-24-11-removing-indicator1
05-24-11-removing-indicator2 05-24-11-removing-indicator3 05-24-11-removing-indicator4 05-24-11-shock-mount-parts 05-24-11-sprocket 05-25-11-install-damper
05-25-11-messy-garage 05-25-11-shocks-mounted 05-26-11-body-frame 05-26-11-drying-glass 05-26-11-fiberglass 05-27-11-fiberglass

2011 May 27 to June 09, Stretching and Finishing the Swingarm

First of all my sandblasting helmut wasn’t working so I made another one out of a box and then really never considered what I looked like un till I notice people passing by with a big grin. I took a picture and now I get the joke.

05-27-11-sandplaster-from-outerspace1 05-27-11-sandplaster-from-outerspace2 05-28-11-chop-painted-mat 05-28-11-extension 05-28-11-on-swingarm 05-28-11-rainbow-double
05-28-11-rainbow 05-28-11-rear-hub 05-28-11-trim-lockstop 05-29-11-apply-silver 05-29-11-bake-wrinkle-coat 05-29-11-triple-tree
05-30-11-baking-paint 05-30-11-welding-shock-mounts 05-31-11-shock-mounts-on 05-31-11-welded-shock-mount 06-01-11-filling-voids 06-03-11-body-swingarm
06-04-11-fiberglass-swingarm1 06-04-11-fiberglass-swingarm2 06-04-11-fiberglass-swingarm3 06-04-11-sandblast-without-helmet 06-05-11-begin-welding 06-05-11-buddy-pete
06-05-11-polishing-exhausts 06-06-11-sanding-swingarm 06-07-11-painted 06-07-11-prep 06-09-11-fleck-paint 06-09-11-splitting-glass

2011 June 10 to 21, Building a Gas Tank.. The Hard Way!

Then I went to remove the front disc and my stupidity kicked in just at the right time and caused me to try to undo the hex heads with a hex wrench.. Go figure, it sounds right doesn’t it.. removing hex head bolts from a disc with a hex wrench.. yep!. Naturally I forgot that they might be thread locked and didn’t even consider using heat until I completely damaged them with a cold chisel and a sledge. Then I used the heat.

06-10-11-bedding-inserts 06-10-11-major-argument 06-10-11-photo-marking 06-10-11-pulling-disc 06-10-11-taping 06-12-11-glassed-rear
06-12-11-glassing-inserts 06-13-11-roll-sand 06-14-11-carved-foam 06-14-11-enter-foam 06-14-11-gas-tank-problem 06-14-11-more-foam
06-15-11-to-hell-with-foam1 06-15-11-to-hell-with-foam2 06-15-11-to-hell-with-foam3 06-16-11-to-hell-with-foam4 06-16-11-to-hell-with-foam5 06-16-11-to-hell-with-foam6
06-16-11-to-hell-with-foam7 06-18-11-dorian 06-18-11-garden 06-18-11-more-dorian 06-18-11-ruhbarb1 06-18-11-ruhbarb
06-18-11-to-hell-with-foam8 06-18-11-toker 06-18-11-xerxes 06-19-11-to-hell-with-foam9 06-20-11-to-hell-with-foam10 06-21-11-adjustable-shock-mounts

2011 June 21 to 27, Screeding a Fender and Making a Mold

And the gas tank was another one and you don’t want to hear about that. Things look OK in the pix but if you knew what really went on you’d laugh. I started out making the gas tank with foam for the shape but soon realized that it was not working out so I decided to chop and body of the original tank and put so much bondo on it that I bet I used a gallon and it still wasn’t done. This whole process didn’t take an afternoon.. If you look at the pictures you will see that it took from June 14 until Sept 09 to make this tank.. and do you think I planned it that way?? nooooo! Trust me.. don’t ever try to make a fiberglass gas tank, especially if you decide you want flares on it.. and then you decide you want a light show on it.. and then you want stainless accents on it..

06-21-11-deadly-frame 06-21-11-get-off-there 06-21-11-ok-ride 06-21-11-painted-shock-mounts 06-24-11-deadly-tire 06-24-11-fender-screed
06-24-11-screeding-new-fender1 06-24-11-screeding-new-fender2 06-25-11-screeding-new-fender3 06-26-11-casting-mold 06-26-11-screeding-new-fender4 06-26-11-screeding-new-fender5
06-27-11-casting-mold2 06-27-11-casting-mold3 06-27-11-molding-front-fender1 06-27-11-molding-front-fender2

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