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Update January 29 2012 ~ Iceboats on Lake Superior ~ 3 sets of pix, 3 Vids, Hi Mike! Hi Pam! and Hi to Bruce Wegger and Kurt Martinson from MN!

Click on links below for Videos ~ Click Pix to Enlarge ~ Best on Wide Screen ~ Press F11 ~ Hold mouse over pix for title.

Last Year Mike Madge the intrepid local Iceboat enthusiast showed up on Lake Superior right in front of my camp so I just hadda take photos of what he was doing. After several visits Mike went beyond the fringe of late March ice and wreaked. He said he should have known better but he made his own repair and a few days later he was back on the lake again with his American friends and we welcomed them cordially. The Update set at the top of the page is called Magic Mike because, while the weather was cold the boat looked beautiful in the sun and I couldn’t stop clicking away! Of course Mike looks great too!

We promise to make more and better vids but here is the selection that were just spontaneous fun and not done with good equipment. Short Vid of Mike lifting a runner   Shaky vid of iceboat (Mike)   Hail about the same time

magic-mike-01 magic-mike-02 magic-mike-03 magic-mike-04 magic-mike-05
magic-mike-06 magic-mike-07 magic-mike-08 magic-mike-09 magic-mike-10
magic-mike-11 magic-mike-12 magic-mike-13 magic-mike-14 magic-mike-15
magic-mike-16 magic-mike-17 magic-mike-18 magic-mike-19 magic-mike-20
magic-mike-21 magic-mike-22 magic-mike-23 magic-mike-24 magic-mike-25

March and April of 2011 ~ Iceboats on Lake Superior ~ 35 pix, 3 Vids

magic-mike-26 magic-mike-27 magic-mike-28 01-29-12-packing-up-01 01-29-12-packing-up-02
02-26-11-ice1 02-26-11-ice2 02-26-11-ice3 03-24-11-assemble-iceboat-01 03-24-11-assemble-iceboat-02
03-24-11-assemble-iceboat-03 03-24-11-assemble-iceboat-04 03-24-11-assemble-iceboat-05 03-24-11-assemble-iceboat-06 03-24-11-assemble-iceboat-07
03-24-11-assemble-iceboat-08 03-24-11-assemble-iceboat-09 03-24-11-assemble-iceboat-10 03-24-11-assemble-iceboat-11 03-24-11-assemble-iceboat-12
03-24-11-assemble-iceboat-13 03-24-11-assemble-iceboat-14 03-24-11-assemble-iceboat-15 04-07-11-iceboats-01 04-07-11-iceboats-02
04-07-11-iceboats-03 04-07-11-iceboats-04 04-07-11-iceboats-05 04-07-11-iceboats-06 04-07-11-iceboats-07
04-07-11-iceboats-08 04-07-11-iceboats-09 04-07-11-iceboats-10 04-07-11-iceboats-11 04-07-11-iceboats-12
04-07-11-iceboats-13 04-07-11-iceboats-14 04-07-11-iceboats-15 04-07-11-iceboats-16 04-07-11-iceboats-17

New INTS Book by Namron Soar explaining How The Human Brain Actually Works    
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Grampa writes under the pseudonym of Namron Soar but it’s all boring Scientific stuff that no one ever reads. You can listen to him droning on about the same old thing again and again but don’t try to argue the point because it’s all Non-Theoretical, meaning there is little to actually discuss. Re-presented in this book is the comparison between Figmentalism/Idealism/Enlightenment, Plus, The Laws of Reality, Entitic Science, Nonreal Entitic Science and the new kid on the block; The Practical Laws of the Sphere.

To Read Brainworks    Click Here    for the Book Index and you can scroll down to find something that might interest you, like the topics mentioned above. Chapters Six and Eleven are even slightly funny. (No Chapters in ’Voice’ yet)

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