Re: Imagine   Melanie 01, 31 2008,  


IMAGINE ... ’you’ are a passenger on a train 
the train has no driver it is driving itself
for ever and ever, on it goes in eternity
nobody at the controls , yet driving along quite happily and efficiently all alone and by itself, 
the scene out side of the train window constantly moving and changing color
yet the apparent ’you’ on the train is motionless sitting still [ just being ]
’you’ are the consciousness the experiencing the witnessing
of the constantly changing scene .. [seen] through the window, 
these aspects of [ being, seeing, sensing ] are one and the same reality,

the apparent ’you’ - ’the train’ - ’the outside scenery’ - ARE not separate.

All these three aspects are the embodiment of the wholeness and absolute state of this arising IS-ness, NOW. 

the ’you’ sitting, being, .. is awareness being .. AS you .. ’you’ are the seen.

the ’you’ experiencing, seeing sensing, .. are the vehicle for awareness. 

Awareness = being self aware [ self aware of self ] sensing seeing through you, AS you,’
but not ’you’ per se .. ’you’ are the phantom, an appearance experiencing the already conceived through awareness.

The conception includes all laws that govern the conceptual universe
from moment to moment, we are the actors in the already written script , [unchanging]

Although life appears to change it does not, it is likened to a plasma tv screen
images flashing on and off .. running endlessly in eternity
just a flickering on our screen of vision .. momentary sensations arising in ’awareness’ .. 
creating the impression of change and movement
as meaning is associated with the sensory images.

Nothing is actually changing or moving this is all illusional.
’we’ mistake this reality to be real, 
it is real in a conceptual sense, but it is not unlike our nightly dreams
it is still dream, the dream has come to life, [animated] by light.
the light is the true absolute essence, the phantom is the shadow,
’we’ are the reflection of the absolute, the infinite dance of life.

Nothing can/not be real because anything that dies is not real
it is only dream substance, with no reality, like our nightly dreams.

Death is an illusion for nothing was ever born or died
all this apparent substance/ form .. makes an appearance and then disappears/dies
it dissolves back to dust, back into the essence/source from where it never left
so birth and death are an illusion.

Everything is born ever new in every instant .. ever fresh and replenished eternally
does the earth ever look dead, no of course not.
it is flashing in and out of existence like a heart beat. [one without a second]

Death and birth are concepts, they don’t exist.
Life is eternal it comes from nothing .. appears for awhile .. then returns to nothing.

’we’ are the phantom that appears out of the concord of these sensations sensed
and all arising imaging giving instant meaning to the known, but ever unchanged.

Quite an amazing magic trick really, conjured up .. by a nothing that ’we’ will 
Never know, because ’we’ are that knowing .. ONE with the knowing. [The conceived]
ONE thing cannot know itself .. for one very good reason.
it never existed, it is only a transient temprol appearance in .. [ eternal awareness ]
where is [awareness] .. no-where and every-where. known by no-one. [strange but true]

The choices that ’we’ think we make are not us making them,
Consciousness ALONE determines choice/power

The power cannot be controlled .. For IT is the controller ..
all things that appear on the screen of awareness
are inseparable from the sensing sensations of it
instantly manifesting sensations on demand
in accordance with a facet of this infinite conception.

It experiences itself through ’us’ the vehicle.
all moments of experiencing by ’us’ are as association with the appearance or [phantom]
on a moment to moment basis.
Yet really there are no moments in eternity only timelessness.

Time is an illusion, it is our memory or conceptual overlay,
that recalls an event from a non-existent past,
this memory is brought into our present [presence] via thought .. 
creating an illusion of passing time.,
but everything happens in the eternal NOW.
HIS-STORY ’we’ are the story the eternal story, ’we’ are the dreamed in this dream.

Where are your thoughts .. can you find them hold them in your hand.?
No because Nothing exists ........

’we’ can step back and know .. ’we’ are the the controlled .. ’we’ are [ the seen ] 
when we realize this amazing truth .. what else is there to do or say, ’we’ metaphorically speaking
are taken care of .. we are in good hands, .. all we have to do is let go and trust,

or Fly with this vastness of our eternal being .. free-falling into the eternal mystery
this amazing magic and wonderment is a gift and it’s all free.

Everything you have been conditioned to believe .. is a lie .. BE (LIE) F

Look and notice how nature flourishes unaided without instruction ... she is one with herself.

YOU are not one tiny atom separate from this self- organizing self- correcting natural beauty.

Some of this writing might not make sense to some people, to others it will make perfect sense, 
you will always resonate with the absolute truth because ’you’
have no choice ’you’ are that truth.

Mostly we are conditioned from birth to think differently to what reality actually is.
here to end this essay i will quote you this.........

Things are not what they seem; 
nor are they otherwise. 

~ Lankavatara Sutra ~

The chosen are the chosen for all eternity, think yourself privileged ..
and enjoy the’s your dream made real, how brilliant is that.

love melanie.

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