Don’t Worry Be Happy   Melanie Jan 02, 2008
Don’t worry be happy NOW
When we wake up in the the middle of the night
from a nightmare,  or a bad dream ,
   we then sit up, look around and wonder 
and say to ourselves that dream was so realistic,
thank goodness it was just a dream,
 here i am safe and well, what a relief,
 nothing actually happened, did it.

Sometimes our night dreams are so vivid 
we want to escape the terror,
  so we wake up from the fear.

Now imagine your waking day life,
your day life is just another dream,
 it is an extension or continuation
of this story of eternity, worlds within worlds,
So anything you don’t like in this day dream,
you  can wake up from .. 
 just as you wake up from a night time nightmare,

[ Awakening]
is to realize ’you’ don’t actually exist, ’you’ are a phantom,
a figment of your conditioned imagination.
We take ourselves seriously and imagine we are this separate
little person living a separate personal story.

In reality we are [ ONE BEING ] living and experiencing this eternal story [conception]
you can read all about this mass awakening from the internet library,
there you will find a gold mine of information from many many book writers of non-duality,
this realization is the stark truth of our reality, it is not dogma, or religion,
it is fact, most of the great mystics, philosophers, and sages of our times,
 including all metaphorical figures  including jesus and the buddha,
spoke about non-duality.

We are a temporal appearance in this dance of life.,
with a unique but limited individual perspective,
 due to our limited finite mind, body organism,
It’s a bit like a tiny cell inside our body
it has a very small life span, for one very good reason,
 it dies and as it dies it is instantaneously replaced
by a brand new cell, keeping the organism alive and in good health,
this is a good analogy we can use to point to ..  the illusion of birth & death
  the tiny cell in your body dies for the good and survival
of the WHOLE organism, .. so nothing is being born or dying, only as appearance,
 remember the metaphor jesus talked about,
 THE  ETERNAL LIFE  .. not in a literal sense for the individual organism
but  for the WHOLE ORGANISM. The ONE being.

’We’ are an aspect, a tiny divine spark of the infinite [ ONE BEING ]
 ’we’ are the experiencing in physicality ..  a myriad of diverse forms, 
including all animals, fish,  plants and trees, but not separate,
just as the fertilized egg forms a new born baby & appears from out of the mother
appearing to be separate but not really,
 she was the unseparated source of the babies appearance,

All these apparent things are the substance of the dream, [ The Dreamed]
’we’ are the dreamed, and the dreamed cannot dream
 because the dreamed  don’t exist, except as an appearance [dream]
Nothing is in any shape or form separate within the dream,
everything manifests from that what preceded it 
every thought ’we’ think  appears in our awareness triggered by sensory data,
All data is already conceived, perfect and whole, ’we’ are exact copies of this data
like a hologram, data is hidden from our consciousness until our senses seek it out on demand,
 it  will then reveal itself, consciousness aware of itself ..  it is ONE with the knowing, [AWARENESS]
the data is re-cognized via our brain, the brain is the antenna 
the data does not come from the brain, as we might believe, 
 for what is a brain? and can you find data inside it, when you cut it open?
just like a radio does not contain the music and the voices inside of it,
the radio is picking up the signals from the surrounding  air-waves.
 so  you cannot find any data inside the brain,
 data is no-where and every-where,
it is picked up via our brain triggered by our senses on demand
when the entity organism needs to for it’s apparent survival,
 all thoughts are triggered by preceding thoughts
creating the appearance of life,
so on and on this dance of life for ONE goes.

THE STORY is being played through ’us’ AS ’us’

..... IT has got ’us’  ...  ’we’ ...  have not got  IT ....

THAT is a comfort and a relief for some,
when we resist this realization we might suffer
because we are going against the natural FLOW  / TAO /  The Way.

When we sit back and relax into the flow, the moment,
our lives will transform beyond belief,
know that you are eternal divine wisdom,experiencing,
and know that suffering is a mind made illusion,

It is apparent only and it is there to help you SEE clarity
for you will not know the sweetness, until you know the bitter,
when this illusion is seen through, you SEE beauty and good 
this is why the buddha was known to have laughed a lot.
clarity is that still small place in your being,
when your actions and thoughts are stilled,
you are in that place when you are in deep sleep,
in deep sleep you are blissfully unaware of the world
and yet you are alive, also the living embryo aware but not conscious
only becoming conscious through sensation.
 sensation giving birth to the idea of separateness ,
in reality ’you’ are awareness, not the body, the body is the vehicle for awareness,
a vehicle for experiencing to appear in it’s own dream.
THAT is who ’you’ are by nature...  [awareness]

When we are awake from our deep sleep
we are conscious .. ’we’ become self conscious
self aware of self .. = self conscious

When we awaken to the realization of the nature of oneness
 ’we’ can take control of our lives
’we’ can be more productive, happier, knowing it is a dream,
we become lucid, we can die before we die,
 suddenly life can feel more beautiful, meaningful and have a richness
that was never felt before, a blissful intensity can arise as never before
it can feel magical  like that of a good night time dream, 
one that you never want to wake up from,
when we wake up to this realization
we know that this life is a wonderful amazing dream come true,
It is the dream of the ONE ... ’we’ are the many of the ONE
 it is the ONE dream animated to real life,  as us, 
 how often do we appreciate this fleeting appearance of our apparent being,
It is when we are taking ourselves too seriously
 we will suffer, we need to let go and trust in the universe, 
but then who want’s to trust in an apparent driverless driver?
that is  why we apparently make the futile attempt to control events in our life,
 but ’we’ don’t really  need to do that,  ’we’ just don’t know that.

To be continued..............

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