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~~~~About the Talking Books~~~~

~~~~Those available on disk can be downloaded manually from the navigation page On the web~~~~

Below are some hints on how to use the CD or DVD.

The player Quicktime works about the best for the Mp3 playback. If you use Vista or higher you may be required to click the security bar at the top of the Browser (in yellow) to allow the content to be played.

These are Talking Books in HTML and written as a website. They must download to Ram the address’s on the disc to be able to present the display and navigation. To avoid this and to increase the speed and ease of use of this disc, simply copy the disc to your desktop.

Both the CD and the DVD may be watched in full while not connected to the web but updates and extra galleries are all available if you are connected.

There are two talking books both very similar. One is called ’A Moderate Way’ and is the precursor to ’Figmentalism the Text Book’ available from the Index page (preface and 1st six chapters). The fiction novel ’The Last Acronym’ will be added as it is written. Seven chapters await html but are not included on the early discs.

All literature and content on any INTS site is free and may be used or quoted freely without credit.

There are three sites associated with INTS: dedicated only to fig, The Institute of Non-Theoretical Science (INTS) Parent site for all three and Our Gallery site dedicated to the World Family with General Picture Galleries and a smattering of Rebellion.

Namron Soar

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