Plain Background

Perfect Elegance

There is no process other than thought.

Challenge: Find at least one other process.

Warning: Theories, Theologies or any form of conjecture is disallowed in perfect logic. Thought is the only absolute.

Explanation: Mistakenly, We have been taught that there are no absolutes in philosophy, which is doubly condemned, since this is an absolute statement that confounds itself, coupled with the absolute fact that "We Exist".

Enigmatically we only think we exist and attempting to conceptualize thought within this parameter is utterly impossible. Memory in this context is simply another part of the process of thought and can only be an illusion. Attempting to relate thought to the material processes of the brain is absolutely theoretical as is all relation to insentient matter being a commodity independent of thought alone.

Perfect Elegance cannot be challenged on any level apart from a semantic interchange which has no validity whatsoever.

Namron Soar