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Using Anti-Theory to answer all Questions ID-1180 Dec 20, 2007

The questions that humans would most like answered could be those on the following list:

	Why are we here?
	What is life?
	How were we created?
	Where did we come from?
	Is there a God?
	What happens when we die?
	What is beyond the edge of the Universe or does it go on forever?
	What is thought?
	What is space made of?
	Can we live forever?
	How do we find happiness?
	Will we ever know absolutely everything?
	Can we believe in creation and evolution?
	Why do we get sick?
	Who are we?
	What is morally right and wrong?

Those questions are probably pretty much what philosophers though the ages have tried to answer and although this list might not contain them all, the main thrust is there. God, existence, creation, purpose, and end are our basic quandaries and figmentalism with the use of anti-theory can answer most of them. The questions are all fairly short and could have equally short answers but the explanations and proof could fill volumes.

There is only one of those questions that cannot be answered and that is the query about thought. We are unable to think about what thought consists of since there is no material that can be used to explain the storage of memory and memory and thought are the same thing. Figmentalism states that there is no matter so there is no real brain that stores thought and the whole thing is a conundrum.

The short answers for all the other questions are as follows:

	We are here to enjoy life and companionship.
	Life is what we imagine we are doing.
	There is no reason to think we were created, apart from our own individual births.
	We didn’t come from anywhere since we are unable to move.
	Yes there is a God if you consider us to be it.
	No there is no god waiting to greet you when you die, you simply reawaken as from a dream, but as a baby.
	The universe is a figment and we live within an imaginary globe.
	Space is a concept and made only of our thoughts.
	We do live forever already, we just can’t remember our previous lives.
	Happiness is a state of mind and not hard to find.
	We know everything now, except what thought is.
	We can believe in evolution if we chose.
	We can believe in creation also, if we chose.
	In order to be human we must feel pain, if we didn’t there would be no point to life.
	We are the product of our own creation.
	We are whoever we want to be, but on a collective level.
	There is no moral right or wrong short of comfortable existence.

The long answer to all those questions would only be employed to convince you that they were true but perhaps you might find some general observations about the entire process to be more entertaining. The meaning of life is companionship. Consider yourself the only one in your reality, perhaps here on earth. What would be the most valuable thing to you? Sometimes we tend to value money or possessions with a fervor that is quite out of balance with why we are here. What good is owning everything if there is no one to share it with. That one is a no-brainer. Life may seem like a struggle until you are up against the end of it, then you can understand the beauty of it all. We constantly create ourselves. When we awake from what we think is sleep we are creating our waking being and when we dream we are creating our dreams. Most of us find it very easy to understand that we create our existence in the dream but less so when it comes time to chow down and trudge off to the salt mine. That, of course would not be necessary if we didn’t collectively value money and greed so highly. Grow a few veggies in the summer and keep warm in the winter is all we really have to do.

Universally, God is considered to be a male but there are religious beliefs that do not adhere to that, although those voices are small in comparison. The male God idea is obviously quite incorrect since any god of us would be about all of us including the animals and all creatures and all things, not just the macho male that unfortunately has the ability to destroy all other things. Religion was created by males for the most part and god was created in mans’ egotistical image. All so-called Scripture is created of lust, greed and the baser instincts of men and would be considered foul if there really was a god to look at it. We compose a collective entity that is the true god and must balance our feminine side with the maleness to know what we really should be. Men go to war and kill. Women discuss and nurture. Truly another no-brainer.

You would not even want to live forever. You know that. The only solution is to forget the past and begin again as a helpless baby.

The universe, the sun, our galaxy, the space we imagine to be beyond the furthest stars we can see, does not have a location, vector, velocity, time, motion or any of the so-called attributes that modern science seems to assign to these things. There isn’t even a single theory that can be expressed about them. We are completely unable to voice a coherent sentence that describes these ideas. Try, for example, to communicate the motion of our entire universe. Theories abound if you just consider the whole thing to be limited in size but if you realize that we say "our universe" we are implying that it is among others and without a shred of proof or even an idea of how this could be. We simply live within a globe that does not move, has never moved and can not move because we only imagine this to be.

Thought is the only unfathomable mystery and will probably remain so forever. Memory is an illusion as are all things. Our individuality is another illusion. The history of philosophy stumbles over the problem of individuality again and again. Philosophers have always wondered why we see the same world and events when we could quite possibly only be composed of ideas. The answer is that we are only one thing. The grass, trees, air, your buddy, your dog, the auto, Ursa major and the aids virus are all the same thing. We just pretend to be separate for the sake of companionship and interest. You can argue about it but you know it’s true.

We could have made ourselves so that we were indestructible and could feel no pain, never die and knew everything but how much fun would that be? We designed ourselves to be soft and vulnerable so we could feel the cold of winter thereby being able to enjoy the warmth of the fire and the joy of the sun.

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