The Quandary

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Problems confronting Figmentalism verses Realism

The ten unanswered questions of Supersymmetry (String theory)

  1. Are all measurable dimensionless parameters that characterize the physical universe calculable in principle or are some merely determined by historical or quantum mechanical accident and incalculable?
  2. How can quantum gravity help explain the origin of the universe?
  3. What is the lifetime of a proton and how do we understand it?
  4. Is nature supersymmetric and if so, how is supersymmetery broken?
  5. Why does the universe appear to have one time and three space dimensions?
  6. Why does the cosmological constant have the value that it has? Is it zero and is it really constant?
  7. What are the fundamental degrees of freedom of M-theory and does the theory describe nature?
  8. What is the resolution of the black hole information paradox?
  9. What physics explains the enormous disparity between the gravitational scale and the typical mass scale of elementary particles?
  10. Can we quantitatively understand quark and gluon confinement in quantum chromodynamics and the existence of the mass gap?

Questions confronting Figmentalism (Subjective Idealism)

  1. Does Figmentalism lead to a theology of the self as a self-creator?
  2. What creatures possess the ability to psychmetrically project? Is it only humans or could living things such as trees have some ability to project their existence?
  3. If all of creation is composed of nothing more than apparency and there is no realist-style matter, how is memory stored and what accounts for it’s apparent consistency and seeming independence of human appreciation?
  4. How can physical pain and death of the individual be accounted for if it’s considered to be self-generated?
  5. How do separate individuals generate unforseen events that they simultaneously recognize in a collective-consciousness way?

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