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Welcome to The Laws of Reality, a website dedicated to the world community and the base of understanding within that world. Founded as a dot com on the World Wide Web this day, January 16, 2010 in honor of James Norman Owen, born January 16, 1912 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

The Laws were created by The Institute of Non-Theoretical Science, founded by NamronSoar and do not indulge in speculation or theory. These are the things that humanity has always known and ample evidence is given of their accuracy.

Until recently it has been impossible to communicate these facts to the world at large but the advent of the Web has changed all that. Still today there are many social prejudices applied toward this knowledge that has, in the past, been called things like blasphemy, heresy and lunacy and been largely banned.

All of the old Religions refer to these laws collectively, as Enlightenment and all of Modern Literature and Science refers to them as "Idealism". Here we call it "Figmentalism", replacing the old literary term that is not only a poor reference but was never completed to the point of becoming a Complete System that could answer all questions save those that cannot be expressed properly.

The Laws are simply colloquial or perhaps basic expressions that run counter to popular belief and are not to be considered Inspired or Sacred to any following. You may understand them and know how to use them but are not required to accept any belief system since these are just basic proven facts. The existence of God and Humanity is addressed here and you are invited to communicate with us freely, hopefully giving us permission to publish your letters.

Do not hesitate to use any part of the works herein as they are public domain and bear no restriction. INTS is a free University and virtual in nature, has no budget nor needs one, is green, ecumenical, ethical and humanist.

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