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Have the Laws of Reality ever been Written? If not, here they are. These are the product of figmental approach and the latter segments called Entitic theory and Nonreality have been constructed as additions.

Probably the laws of reality cannot actually be written but these twelve colloquial expressions can put them in human communication terms.

*************** The Laws of Reality ***************

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~Sixth Draft~ July 29 2007 revision

All beings, creatures and things are part of a single entity.

All of reality including time is utterly elastic.

All of reality is collectively generated by all beings and the living mass of nature.

Reality is a globe we are within, not upon.

Every thing and every creature has the innate ability to react with the universal.

Time is a concept and can have no beginning nor end.

The universe is composed of solid, liquid and gaseous objects that have no intrinsic constituent of matter.

Existence must have a balance with non-existence.

Every thing and every creature must exist and not exist simultaneously.

Any event or combination of events must be possible without the need of matter of any kind.

The mind appreciates the Earth and is the Earth.

The Cosmos are created of apparency.

Namron Soar

"simple reality is just that"