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Hello and welcome to my little chunk of cyberspace. My blog just goes on and on about the same old things but I just have a need to communicate so I do. Realrufus has all the fun and art galleries and Namronsoar balances things off with articles and now voice transcriptions and hopefully movies and music in the future.

These sites were created to solve three problems. They organize and communicate within my extended family and to other families which was my way of solving the problem of what to do with pictures in the family album and the ever increasing digi pix. Almost every day there are more pix to put someplace and since they all have an artistic connection with some project it was found that they make interesting galleries. The art thing is a generational legacy in our family and almost everything has some connection with that subject. Another thing was the clay work that specifically needed a gallery to be shown in and has been so from 1996 but has morphed into a complete other thing. The third purpose was is a forum for the written work on research into philosophical and social problems since there was no reasonable outlet for these as well.

There is a tremendous interest in computers and digital art show here, along with the web itself and the communication opportunity it offers. When my grand kids are old enough they can see and hear what I am up to, as my children and friends do today. Cyberspace allows families to live in different places and still have a close connection that is well superior to the phone. The web page writing is somewhat rudimentary in plain html with a bit of java thrown in but the whole site or sites are only meant to be pleasant to view. The high pressure sales of commercial sites with flashing flash things and shockwave pop-ups all over the place is just not the purpose of an art page.

I enjoy communication but unfortunately get very little from the general public so if you are interested in Green subjects, discussing philosophy, making things from clay or computer stuff, don’t hesitate to give an old fart an email, or you could call using the info at the bottom of the Author page. If this gets out of control I’ll change this last part but in the meantime..... call or write.

Namron Soar


RR #13 Lakeshore Drive

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Canada P7B 5E4

Call 1 807 683 3471

Short history of Author

Namron Soar began his quest for an understanding of our origin and condition at the tender age of twenty. After graduating from Selkirk High school in Thunder Bay he attended the University of Manitoba to study Humanities but found the curriculum more suited to commercial venture so He soon lost interest and decided to continue studies on his own.

Always a dedicated reader and student of logic, the enigmatic questions concerning life itself consumed his massive energies. A porcelain sculptor by profession supplanted with a general practice in trades provided a monastic lifestyle quite suited to introspection and the study of all things.

About the age of sixty, while contemplating the convoluted intricacies of Supersymmetry he realized that mainstream science had not yet discovered proof of insentient matter. This led to a "domino effect" of all Realist values and eventually, the rudimentary theory he called "Figmentalism". The term was coined to supplant the worn out and misnamed "Idealism" that has little meaning for today’s student.

Two years later the theory had found some refinement and was ready for publication in the maiden form you find here. His temerity caused the inclusion of "The Laws of Reality" along with an assertion that Figmentalism is neither a theory nor a Theology, although it may be considered such for the sake of communication.

A fun loving character, He thrives on the discussion of Philosophy and may, in this, have something to offer.

As a Scientist he was teaching Aeronautics and airplane construction at the age of nine because his Mother owned a hobby shop and needed help instructing pupils in the field of balsa flying models. Naturally by 10 he was experimenting with his own wing and airfoil designs as well as various types of propulsion including rocket power. Later on the West Coast of Canada he developed many designs and processes involving fiberglass and foam plastics when the trade was in it’s infancy. Things like fiberglass taped hockey sticks by Victoriaville where part of his pioneering effort. One-piece fiberglass homes were being developed at that time and a few were actually built but found little popularity. Marine and automotive applications were in high demand but the atmosphere in the industry was too poisonous so he switched his love of casting and mold making to the ceramic industry and has since developed porcelain casting techniques seldom seen.

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About the Pictures

A portrait, 2nd pix 51 yrs old, with friend Glen and still playing with R/C Cars. Gathering wood in Canadian hinterland. 61 with "Garage" in background. Click to enlarge.

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