String Theory

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String theory has done nothing more than postpone the inevitable. Searching for matter is a lost cause although it may have led to the support of a counter theory. Strings are said to be incredibly small and have the capacity to become anything. This may be considered true if they are known to be ethereal. The "matter" in strings is a crucial point. Is this matter insentient and existed prior to humans or is this matter vaporeal metrication? (see terms)

If strings do not contain "real" matter beyond human conception then they must be composed strictly of energy. Herein lies a problem. Energy may be defined as the movement of matter. If nothing is moving then no form of energy in our present understanding of it can exist either. No matter and no energy; how then can the things we see be real if they have no substance?

As a Scientist, a revelation of this order would mean the upset of all present theorems. At first glance there seems to be a threat to our way of using science itself but then we didn’t develop micro circuits by just thinking about. On the other hand, that may well be what happened. Great advances in science have come from careful study and manipulation of real objects. There is no reason for this to be curtailed in any way.

Strings are indeed the magic elixir for a Unified Field Theory and they will continue to exist as much as they ever would regardless of Figmentalism. The matter and energy of strings/atoms/molecules has always been ethereal so how difficult is it to finally realize that believing otherwise is old science. Now, at last, the study of strings will start to make sense. We have looked so closely at our Universe, and been so diligent in our quest for an understanding of it that we have now discovered a truly mystic entity. The string has a form that can be predicted but our predictions no longer need to be thought of as theoretical.

This all does seem like a bit of a stretch but strings have made atomic science into the study of the impossible by the minions of the perplexed. Science will continue to make great strides if the ethereal nature of real things is incorporated slowly then we will adapt to continuing study. Energy is now in a new form. It is devoid of need for mass and somehow contains the information of the new reality. This mystery may never be solved. We may be slightly closer to universal understanding but will probably never pass the wall beyond our collective thought process.

Namron Soar

"my apologies to String Theorists"