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This is just an Introduction to the use of Java.

What the heck is Java?

Well it’s another code that looks a bit like Html, fits right in with it, comes in small ’Applets’ called ’Objects’ these days but won’t function unless it’s absolutely perfect. Html will render in your browser without a complaint but any slight error in Java will call a ’Script Error’ and either not render or render in a crippled form.

Types of Applets (small applications) that are commonly used are things like navigation buttons like the ones under the banner of this page. These can also be accomplished with html but not as easily or with ’Flash’ which is relatively new. Various special effects menu’s can also be used such as the ’Pool’ menu shown here.  It was used on the Index for RR and NS pages but proved to be quite unreliable for a variety of reasons. If you really want to see it you might have to go into Internet Explorer and enable the Java console then get your firewall to allow pop-ups and even then windows might allow it sometimes and not others. It’s fun to play with but useless because of the unreliability factor. Usually a good html editor will show it properly.

The Button code is very reliable and works almost everywhere except certain older browsers and platforms but generally speaking it’s bulletproof. You can’t write this stuff unless you have a couple of years of tech training but you can use most java applets by the manipulation method. First of all you obtain a small program that will custom produce the code needed for the job. Buttons are the most common so we’ll concentrate on that. Once you have practiced with the program a few times you will realize that the code it produces is the same everytime except for the number and names of the buttons. You will also notice that it uses pre-made button .jpgs that can easily be replaced by ones you can make in your paint program and places them in a folder called ’Images’ in sets of three like the ones below.

The first button is what you see on your page and should match the color scheme, second is easier to read and confirms your choice when you put the mouse cursor over it and the third is a brighter flash that indicates your ’Click’ to go to that page. The code comes in four parts, the first three of which go in the <HEAD> and the last part goes in the <BODY> in the position of your table that you want the buttons.

Right under the ’Meta’ tags in the <HEAD> lines 20 to 24 are always the same. (the line numbers only refer to the demonstration below) They indicate Java and the browser information and can be used for any number of buttons. Lines 45 to 56 indicate the .jpgs shown above and there are three for each button named 0,1,2 and 3 etc. depending on the number of buttons you need. The address of the .jpgs is shown as images/css2.png etc. and these are the parts of the code that must be changed to match your choice of buttons.

Again lines 96 to 115 never change and apply to any number or size of buttons so just copy them as they are. It’s best not to try to type this information as any error will result in a non-functioning set of code. Always copy and paste the entire block from 19 to 115 and just multiply the button code in the middle to suit.

Last of all is the location code that is placed in the <BODY> anywhere that you want the buttons to show up. It too must be manipulated according to the numbers so follow the pattern and add more portions as needed. Do not attempt to copy this code as it isn’t binary, just open the source code of this page or any RR pages that have buttons on and copy it from there.

More Java projects will be placed here together with a variety of Java programs and software.

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