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Read: ’Learning Html’ first or refer to it to understand this.

What the heck is Css?

Get used to Cascading Style Sheets because they are not really an option any more. You MUST use them. Otherwise every time you try to have your html code verified you will have the term thrown at you again and again. Css was invented to make the formatting of your pages much easier, much more efficient and the style can be inherited from page to page. So what is it? It’s a separate sheet written something like html that describes the font styles, heading styles, indents, backgrounds and a variety of other elements on your pages and you only need one for your entire site but generally you will wind up with more than just one.

You will start out using a free style editor and you can graduate to a pro copy once you figure out what you are doing. A style sheet has no head or body like html. It just begins with a list of selectors and thats all it is. You have two options as to where to place these selectors. The proper way is to put them on a separate sheet and instruct your html sheets where to find them. You can also place the selectors on each html sheet in the head, right after the meta tags. Here are examples of both. Linking and Style Block

These instructions are not woefully incomplete as they may seem. They do not need to duplicate what is available on the web as Css instruction guides (just Google anything) or try to use the help files that comes with the software. Click on the link above to obtain Topstyle Lite by Nick Bradbury, you’ll love it once you get used to using it and it makes you feel so good when your html is verified. You may also get Topstyle Pro and try it out and buy it if you like it. It has many more features that allow it to inspect your css pages and blocks and isolate errors and give you a place to fix them.

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